Toronto: Narrative so strong that homosexuals march demanding their own deaths before the acceptance of a Jewish state

First let me make my terms clear. Below, a 12 minute video clip by one of my favorite analysts in the new media, Bill Whittle, who explains what exactly the narrative is and where it came from. His clip is 12 minutes long. Please watch it if you have not already. At the and of his 12 minutes I attached the specific video clip he recommended for those who wish to know more.

In this context I hope the title makes sense. Blazing Cat Fur was kind enough to send me a link to their site of an article about how at the last moment, ‘Queers Against Israeli Apartheid’ is going to be allowed to march in this years ‘Gay Pride’ festival.

I find this interesting. First, presumably the marches were for the establishment of equal rights for homosexuals before the law. An understandable goal for a liberal society and in the context of real equal rights (as opposed to systemic discrimination such as affirmative action etc) a critically important one.

Then, at least it appears to me, the marches having achieved all their goals at least in Canada became celebrations of pure hedonism. At one level fun and eclectic, at another, a thorn in the side of those more conservative minded people who feel that sexuality should have some modesty and social responsibilities attached.

Even so, it was a livable balance.

However the power of the Anti Israel and often if not always, a stone’s throw away from anti-Semetic narrative is so powerful, that Homosexuals have fought for the ‘right’ to march against the one state in the entire Middle east, and probably although I am not certain all of South Asia, who actually do not murder homosexuals merely for being such.

Let me summarize.

Gay people won the right to be equal before the law and march with impunity as openly gay in the streets of North America, even to the point of breaking numerous laws on nudity in public and so on, just to then decide to use that massive political lobby to fight for people who would bury them to the neck and stone them to death against the only tiny state in that region who would allow them full rights, liberties, dignity and opportunity as openly gay people.

And the protest from the gay community?

Short of Fred’s excelent blog Gay and Right and perhaps one or two  more tiny voices of reason I hear deafening silence.

All I can say is, if homosexuals in Canada had a grain of integrity or for that matter even a modicum of self preservation, they would be marching for gay rights in Palestine or Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the Islamic world.

Gay people of Canada, you have a great deal to be ashamed of.

I would like to remind you that the term faggot meant that gay people could be stacked like cord-wood and would burn well. That homosexuals were murdered by the hundreds of thousands alongside the Jews and Gypsies in the Nazi death camps. That you ally yourselves with the very people who will take bets on how long it will take you to die in some ancient ritualistic form of mutilationous murder.

Pick your allies well. History is watching.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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  1. Excellent post, Eeyore… The issue of homosexuality in Dar al-Openseweristan, or the so-called mahoundian hatred of homosexuals, is even more outrageous when we consider how mahoundians themselves see it. While calling for homosexuals like those leftards marching for sharia in the West to be executed for their sexual orientation, they’ll tell us that there is nothing gay about a game of hide-the-pork-sausage-where-the-sun-don’t-shine among mahoundian males, so long as there is no love involved; in which case it is perfectly okay for penis-possessing inbred bedouin savages to use each other for sexual gratification. And things aren’t this way just in Afghanistan.

    Mahoundians in Opensewerabia have the same view on the issue, and I once read an interview by Phyllis Chesler with Seyran Ates, a German-based lawyer of Turkish origin, in which the latter said that the one place where gay males could the most easily and more often have sex with each other was ayrab-occupied Constantinople, known as Istanbul in PC/MC talk.

    And, as a side note, in ayrab/mahoundian cities anyone will always see more males walking around holding hands and kissing each other than they’d ever see even in a gay parade in San Francisco’s Castro District. While ayrabs will say that their behavior is all about “friendship” in those cases, the linked articles above sure tell a hell of a different story. Their hypocrisy and self-hatred couldn’t get anymore sickening.

  2. I don’t have to do any work today. Eeyore, I am stealing this too. Excellent post and I can almost see the steam coming out of your ears. In my opinion the gays in Canada have become dumbo as cardboard and putty in the hands of the Left. At one time I used to think that gays made good writers and great actors and artists. Not any more. Now when I think of gays, the first picture that comes to mind is that of the lunatics showing their all and spewing hatred towards Israel.

  3. Fred search youtube for anything on The Frankfurt School, or better yet, at as he probably has the best collection of lectures, videos, and documentaries about all things communist on the Internet. Find them, watch them, download and spread them. This is what they are not teaching in schools but in fact is what is setting the agenda there.

  4. As a gay person and a big fan of this blog, let me say a few words in defense of the gays of Canada and the US. First, the vast majority of gay people know that life under Islam is hell on Earth. They have, in fact, been very vocal in denouncing the Iranian government, which has publicly hung gay people (and whose illegitimate President stated that no gays existed in Iran). They also waged a public fight against Egypt when that country went on a persecution binge. To a lesser degree, they have spoken out on behalf of, and raised money for, gay Iraqis who were suffering at the hands of the insurgents.

    On the other hand, it is true that the gay movement continues to be burdened with political correctness. The gay movement started in the 1960s and a lot of people who helped create it were feminists. There was a PC tradition then, and it still persists. However, I would note that it is much weaker today. Gays in Canada have spoken out against the “human rights” tribunals. And the internet has freed up a lot of gay people to challenge the decrees from the PC organizations.

    These “Gays Against Israeli Apartheid” folks are small in number and are simply engaging in the Left’s cherished tradition of hating on their own civilization, even if there is no place for them in the civilization that they champion. Is this bizarre? Yes, but that is what ideology can do to people. It is no different that the radical students of South Korea who champion the DPRK, even though they would be among the first that Kim Jong Il ordered to the gulag.

  5. Like Israel getting mixed up with the Sunni Saudi Arabia – Shiite Iran sectarian war, this is madness indeed.

    Gays should have a better grasp of history and understand that the very people who would want to see them murdered for being who they are, Muslims, are also the same people who advocate the destruction of Israel.

    Politics make strange bedfellows, indeed.

    Its far easier to demonize Israel for defending itself, since it has little clout in the world press and media.

    It appears as if all liberal groups, including gay and lesbian groups are defending the anti-Semitic, racist and bigoted ideology of Islam because the OPEC-supported media slants the news so well.


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