PM Harper on the brutal anti Israeli sentiments of the NDP

I have never in my life been so proud to be Canadian as I was the moment I watched this clip. Thank you Stephen Harper for having the courage to stand alone against fashion and against the tidal wave of antisemitism and anti Israel policies that have become the norm for most nations, even though they know for a fact, are baseless.


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13 Replies to “PM Harper on the brutal anti Israeli sentiments of the NDP”

  1. Way to go Mr. Harper, Now all the US needs a President with some backbone and a pair. Fat chance of that happening under Comrade Obama.

  2. Steven Harper is a good man and the best Pm we have had since.. since .. since .. wait for it.. Oh I give up. Canada has been lead by a parade of liberal mealy mouth weasels all sucking up to the muslim savages and have destroyed our military budget and have stood by while our values have been compromised by high taxes that have gone to pay everything but our debt since Liberal govts nationalized health care, TV ( CBC and SRC in french) and the film industry.

    Hope the Jewish people support him and disown everything that smells of liberalism

  3. BTW – Canadians are paying and will be paying for the pension of that lifetime liberal mooch politican alongwith the libs, NDP and Bloc Quebecois and the unelected liferes we call senators.


  4. Yeah, Harper makes me proud to be Canadian too. I think he’s the best Prime Minister we’ve had in I-don’t-know-how-long. As others abandon Israel, Harper stands firm. I like him a lot. How ironic that we now look to our left wing neighbours to the south.

  5. And another thing. Do you thing it would make any difference to the average NDP voter if they realized that the NDP roots for the enemy? Probably not, but I was just wondering.

  6. When you talk to a left winger, NDP member, communist or whatever it always goes the same way. First, you establish the facts to the satisfation of the standard of evidence of the person you are talking to. Then, they deflect to some other quasi related issue. You again prove to the standard of evidence of the listener that they are wrong. This occurs for 6 to 10 subjects then eventually they go back to the first one as if you never had dealt with it at all.

    Nearly all my conversations go this way. It makes me think these people are some kind of zombie. Much like Bob hope suggested they where here:

    However the truth is far less funny. The left has abandoned reason itself as being a product of ‘dead white males’ and therefore inherently evil. Somehow, this belief also will not be construed as racist.

    In a nutshell, no. It would make no difference to the average NDP voter as they themselves probably root for the enemy pretending that they are friends while spinning noise that Harper et al are the enemy. Pick up a copy of one of the commie papers being distributed in Canadian cities. Its news made of pure fantasy.

  7. The NDP position has degenerated to “anything American = Bad”
    “anything anti-American = Good”

    Libby Davis is the ultimate picture of hypocricy. She is a lesbian but she attacks the only country in the ME were homosexuals are safe and defends those would kill her, except that she is a “useful idiot”.

  8. OxAO
    If my aging memory serves me, the reference to “useful idiot” was from Lenin. This is the way he described Western supporters of Communism.
    But “suicidal’ does fit the bill.

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