Taxis may not fly British flag for world cup, IN ENGLAND!

This may be the most psychotic bit of legislation I have yet heard from coming from the communist-Islamic transnational island of Englandistanikov.
This kind of self destructive legislation can only survive if you obey it. It would be easiest thing in the world to fix. Just do not obey.

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5 Replies to “Taxis may not fly British flag for world cup, IN ENGLAND!”

  1. We all know that leftism is a mental illness but this is getting seriously pathological.

    Everyone needs roots. People with no roots are NOT world citizens, they just become more and more indifferent to the point where their brains become so softened up with PC pablum are fair game for anyone or anything to take over.

    What a shame to see a once-proud country abused and mutilated like this. Britain’s passivity should serve as a warning to what remains of the “free” world.

  2. The comment about the chirstmas trees is prophetic. Make no mistake, those are next. And as ususal, the leadership in Britain will roll over and say woof, woof, again. Disgusting, but that is what appeasement is.

  3. This isn’t appeasement. This is active policy by the UK government with the intent to destroy a traditional England. Some of Brown’s MPs have actually come out and said so with documents.

  4. Yep, has to be intentional. I believe you Eeyore. The UK government at all levels is infested with traitors to their own country.

    Same with USA.

    That leaves Poland, Italy and Canada as the only ones left but even these countries are at the tipping point also.

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