Sweden’s integration minister upset about forced ‘marriage’ in Malmo

The Swedish authorities seem to be noticing some of the more illiberal aspects to their multicultural paradise. The following is a machine translation from this Swedish newspaper. While its a tad rough, you will get the idea. Sooner or later, even the Swedes had to notice that Islam will clash with any other notion of basic human rights and the dignity and person-hood of women.

We want to stop forced marriages:

TYRANNY We note that honor repression has been accused of racism, but forced marriages exist in Sweden. (FP). Therefore, the government presents today a new strategy to prevent young are married against their will, writes Nyamko Sabuni (PF).

A girl in Malmö was married when she was in fifth grade.  She was twelve years old. The following year she started in sixth grade.  Still too young to drive a moped, see adult films at the cinema or even get the scores.  By that time she lived with her husband and gave birth to her first child.  This was depicted in a series of articles about forced marriages in Sydsvenska Dagbladet.  At least 25 high school girls Scanian was reported to be married every summer, but that the community responded.

It has long been lacking a solid knowledge of forced marriage in Sweden. Those of us who warned of honor repression has been questioned. Like when the Socialist government investigators Masoud Kamali accused us of fomenting racism.

But culture relative addicts can no longer deny that this oppression affects thousands of young people. A number of institutions on behalf of the Government reported on the prevalence of violence and oppression. According to the Youth Board, there are at least 70 000 young people who feel that parents, religion and culture set limits on who they can marry.

In two studies (Socialstyrelsen Stockholm University in 2007 and 2009) found that among young people living with limitations related to marriage are those who are vulnerable to psychological and physical violence by parents or other relatives.  A review of county court judgments, which were seized as young as a result of, for example, domestic violence, shows that one third of all convictions in 2007 were girls (who) were (victims of)  honor (related crimes). Most had been victims of violence by relatives, sometimes for years.  Half had been threatened to death.  Almost all had received themselves take the initiative to seek help.

The picture is alarming. Today the government decides on a strategy for continued work to prevent young people are married against their will. The focus is on strengthening prevention, support and protection, improved collaboration between agencies and increased knowledge.

. • Protection against forced marriages and child marriages are tightened. Investigator of Justice Goran Lambertz Council, has been asked to suggest how including forced marriages and child marriages may be criminalized.

• Rehabilitation of the victims of honor crimes. Children who are disposed to honor because of repression may have been victims of violence for a long time.  They could be threatened by the family and relatives during the time they are placed in special housing.  The government will decide whether to develop a guide for support and rehabilitation of children and young people who are victims of honor related violence or oppression. Support for the girls who seek There are girls who feel intense pressure to prove they have not had sexual intercourse before the wedding night. Therefore, looking for some help in clinical care. My starting point is that these girls need help and support but it is not the way to offer health care operations.  In order to assure the quality of the hospitality of these girls is the National Centre for women’s safety given the task of developing a manual for health care.

• National public awareness campaign. Children and young people should have knowledge of their rights and the ways in which authorities and NGOs are working to strengthen their rights.  The government will decide on a national information campaign targeted at young people in secondary schools in order to prevent and avoid exposure to violence and oppression.

There is more at the original Swedish site. Please click over and use whatever translation tools you prefer.


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10 Replies to “Sweden’s integration minister upset about forced ‘marriage’ in Malmo”

  1. Does the liberal elite think that you can bring in a 7th century culture and change them in short time? Not hardly these fools are drowning in there swamp and cesspool of their own stupidity . Sadly most liberals never see the error of their ways, and resort to more whining, apologist, BS. The damage being done to all western nations in varying degrees is noticeable to everyone but the perpetrators of this crime. The elected governments hard up for a new constituency have sold out their citizens, whom they have sworn to protect and defend. Unless there is massive pushback at the polls things will only get worse. These new comers have to be told follow the rules or go back to the 7th century hell hole you came from.

  2. The liberals eyes are cracked open at least.

    What scares me with liberals is their black and white view of the world.
    Once they recognize Islam as bad they will create a new Stalin, Hitler or Mao to clean up the problem.

  3. Big Frank:

    No, liberals believe everyone wants what they have.

    Multiculturalism has a basic flaw. That is multiculturalism is great when it comes to trying other peoples foods but that is as far as it goes.

    Libs believe all people everyplace want the socialist concept of freedom. Since freedom is a given multiculturalism only makes sense.

  4. If the Swedes don’t like child marriages, then why are they still allowing Muslims to live in the country?

    Free Malmo, free Sweden, from Islamic oppression.

  5. Everyone is bending over backwards to support Islamic takeover. Every day we read stories of utter stupidity from elected officials where they cave to Islamic demands.
    I believe that as part of the Political Correctness movement (clearly growing) that selected parts of the Koran and corresponding history – like the role of slavery in Islam or how women’s rights have been systematically eroded in Taliban-led countries.
    Let us have total openness, show the investment by Saudi Arabia for religious and proselytising purposes in Western Europe, America and Canada. Our petrodollars are providing the clubs to beat our citizens.

  6. Return Muslims to their own countries. Reverse the constant erosion of Western Values. Demand sanctions be applied to those Muslim groups that attack Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and other Muslim gatherings, churches, temples, etc.

  7. No wonder the Serbs and Croats had so many problems with Islam taking over their own land. Now we in West start to understand them.

  8. My boyfriend just got married against his refusal. He is a 41- year-old Nigerian priest in the Anglican Church and he had to leave the country after his house was burnt down a year ago. He is now in my country and wants to share his life with me, except his family objects to it and have found him a wife. In his absens and against his wish, she was wed to him in a ceremony last Sunday. With a relative to sign my boyfriends name on the certificat they are now officially married. How is this possible? Why is his family doing this to him? How is it even legally possible?

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