Interview with Lars Vilks on the arson attack on his home

Here is the first interview I am aware of, with Lars Vilks on the attack on his home with incendiary devices.  Translation was with help from Gates of Vienna

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Here is an older video of an Al Queda threat on Lars Vilks.
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comment from a youtuber:

alJizzerror has made a comment on Lars Wilks speaks on the arson attack on his home today:

Lars Vilks drew a cartoon of a dog with Muhammad’s head. This cartoon was extremely offensive to dogs. Dogs are far too intelligent to associate with the pervert Muhammad or believe in Jizzlam. But dogs did not bite Lars Vilks because they understand that he was exercising his right of free speech. No dogs attacked Lars Vilks because they are more enlightened and civilized than the Muslims who want to kill him.

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4 Replies to “Interview with Lars Vilks on the arson attack on his home”

  1. Vlad – here’s another interview of Mr. Vilks by CNN and includes oh-so-special comments by a seething, murderous eggplant-with-eyeslits. The Religion of Peace!!! So tolerant! So peaceful! So 21st century!

  2. Notice in the second video CNN shows video of his safe house OUTSIDE?

    I bet i could look on google maps and find it now if I knew his approximate location.

    Do not every EVERY trust the media.
    They want to see this man dead.

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