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4 Replies to “An hour and a half with Wafa Sultan.”

  1. she made an interesting point. She doesn’t believe in Islam but Islam is still part of her.
    I think she means she grew up living the Iqamat-ud-Deen but even know Islam is no longer accepted many parts of the Iqamat-ud-Deen she still lives.

  2. I love how she tries to scare everyone from the “danger” of Islam. Worry about the few improperly practicing Muslims – not Islam itself. She says if you are a free mind and study Islam, you will spontaneously leave it… I am a free mind – quite! – and I studied Islam independent of others opinions and found myself spontaneously drawn to this beautiful religion. So if you want to bash Islam, bash the misguided Muslims, but don’t bash the religion in it’s pure form. Do your own research. Not what the media and paid critics tell you.

  3. By the way, I’m a woman and a passionate feminist. I believe in equal rights and freeedom for all people. And Islam is NOT what the world is trying to make it seem.

  4. It must be a new kind of feminism that agrees that “allah” made women deficient and their worth half that of a man, and if she is raped it takes the witness of four men to prove she is not guilty of adultery, and she shall have ha;f the inheritance of male children, and in court it takes 2 women in theory to equal the word of one man, but in practice not even.
    Some kind of feminist you are. Chances are, you are practising a little Kitman

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