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4 Replies to “Pat Condell: What I know about Islam”

  1. I think the comedy is the key here from a stand up comedian. Not a real detailed reading of the Koran. If a detailed reading had been done he would know that the scholars are right. Islam is the way it is represented by people who know it best. They study it day and night in Arabic; and to say they and there misunderstanding of the Koran is the real reason behing the appalling crimes that are committed in the name of Islam is plain wrong. They are diligent students of Islam.

  2. Too bad Condell apparently doesn’t know much about abrogation in Mein Qurampf… Perhaps I ought to send him the following page, from the Religion of Peace (available on their home page as Got Qu’ran?), at whose bottom the order of the “revelations” can be found, with a brief explanation of how mahound’s imaginary alter-ego’s indecision and constant changes of heart make later (and violent) suras cancel any peace and tolerance one might find in earlier ones.

    By the way, the one he mentions, sura 109, is supposed to be the 17th out of 113… Sura 9, the most violent and fascist, is second to last.

  3. Yes it almost seemed as if Condell is under the delusion that Mohamed was actually not a sexual psychopath who is somehow misunderstood.

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