Fascist gains in Hungary

Here is a stratfor analysis on todays election in Hungary. For those who do not already have it. Stratfor is a geopolitical think tank that while it may not call it all right, has a very interesting and worthwhile perspective on world events, well worth the investment. I think of it as a kind of filter. Before I decide on how things are, I try and at least run my perceptions through Stratfor’s method of thinking and certainly information on it. In any case, here is their analysis on Hungarian elections of April 11 2010

The first round of Hungarian parliamentary elections held on April 11 has most likely ushered in a large victory for the right-wing Fidesz party. According to early exit polls, Fidesz has garnered as much as 57 percent of the vote, with the governing Socialist party trailing far behind with 19-20 percent. The win will most likely give Fidesz a two-thirds majority in the parliament, allowing it to deal with the ongoing economic crisis by enacting structural reforms. Most notable, however, the far-right nationalist Jobbik party received 15-17 percent of the vote. This will give Jobbik — whose electoral platform is openly anti-Semitic and anti-Roma — a sizable presence in the parliament. Jobbik and Fidesz will likely further boost their total representation on April 25, when districts where no candidate obtained a majority on April 11 will hold runoff elections. Jobbik’s rise to electoral success is a notable phenomenon that indicates the appeal of far-right nationalist parties, especially during times of economic recession, and may signify a trend — especially in Central and Eastern Europe. As many Central and Eastern Europe countries are already members of the European Union, they no longer have to be concerned about the possible negative consequences for EU accession that the presence of parties like Jobbik in national parliaments could have posed. These countries also have fewer taboos about electing far-right nationalist parties than countries in Western Europe, since a large segment of politicians and intellectuals who fought against Communist rule used nationalism as a rallying cry to install democracy in the early 1990s.

Here are a number of links dealing with this election result thanks to GOV. I have not had time to read them yet but here they are.

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  1. http://kuruc.info/p/2/17907/ link can be translated from Hungarian.
    Quote translated article 2007-10-31 :
    “Iran’s new ally in Europe?”
    “Torn between the Hungarian and Persian peoples approximation agrees with the view of the Islamic Republic of Iran met with the Ambassador and Gabor Vona. The right and the President of the Hungarian Guard in 2003 for a youth conference in Yemen took part in what we are also images, so if Tom Lantos ban may not have been enough, now certain they can not travel to the USA.”
    scroll for photo of Peter Lehmann, the head of the Association of Iran, Turan and jobbszelen Irvash Ali Reza, Iran’s ambassador
    [snip]“Moreover, it also provides the better external relations. The http://www.jobbik.com at English language news is published, not only from the shore. They had also informed the embassies in Budapest. Vona Gabor in February 2003 – is still facing the transformation of the party Movement for a Better Hungary vice president – attended a youth conference in Yemen összarab. The occupation of Iraq before it was representative of all Muslim countries, from Europe but only he and a Norwegian young people there, train also he said.”[snip]
    Two additional photos with the following caption read:
    “High mountains of Yemen, was allegedly hiding in the Al-Qaeda 80%. Since the train was also a Yemeni visa in his passport, so the U.S. is not the cas of Tom Lantos, his good intentions could go.”

    Vlad Tepes – Kuruc.Info (????)

  2. Eastern Europe fought against Muslims for centuries.

    Now they appease that scourge of humanity due to a mis-perception that Israel is the enemy.

    How sad and disturbing.

    Kufar and proud.

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