Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld, Chairman of the Board of Fellows at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, while speaking during a press conference in Oslo (24.03.2010) for his recently released book “Anti-Semitism in Norway”, made the following prolific near-perfect prediction:
“The problems of Malmö as a European capital of hatred had been known to experts for four years at least. Now they suddenly are widely known internationally. Will Oslo be the next Malmö? In my opinion what happens here concerning anti-Israelism and anti-semitism will reach the international press in six months to two years. Whether you want to solve the problem before, the Norwegians have to decide themselves. Thank you for your attention.”

Concerning the city of Malmö, the hub of Muslim immigration and anti-Semitism in Sweden and that of Oslo, the dear doctor made only a slight mistake in his forecast, in fact it took only less than a week. Here is an article from the Swiss daily NZZ (Neue Zurcher Zeitung), which is considered one of the leading media in the German language. It equates Norway and Malmö in regards to their anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism. KGS

Aldo Keel ? In Norway television reports about anti-Semitism in schools causes stir.

As a father laments, teenage Muslims would want to hang his son because he was a Jew. A Teacher talks “of” notorious bullying. Hitler was regarded as a “good sport,” the West as a Jewish protectorate. Lessons on the Holocaust would be greeted with derision. TV shows have a bad influence from the Middle East, which can be received via satellite. The station showed scenes of Palestinian children of primary school age, who agreed to kill Jews, if Allah wishes. The Israeli policy has little sympathy in Norway, as once considered as a peacemaker. Recently, even some bishops of the Established Church considered a call for a boycott of Israeli goods. In Norway, there lives 1300 Jews and 150 000 Muslims.

The reports shocked. The Secretary General of the Islamic Council and representatives of Christian churches paid the Oslo synagogue a visit solidarity. The Christian People’s Party, pointed out that it had already launched a year ago an action plan against anti-Semitism. Liberal MPs and Muslim Abid Q. Raja asked in Parliament the left-Integration Minister: “Do Muslims in Norway enjoy a special protection that they makes them untouchles?” Raja suggested to the Minister a reconnaissance tour of Oslo’s mosques. A working group is to take care of the problem now.

In Sweden, the city of Malmö is at the core. It counts 265 000 inhabitants, among them 700 Jews and 60 000 Muslims, who live partly in Rosengård district in miserable conditions. Not long ado, “Skånska Dagbladet” did a series of articles examining rampant anti-Semitism. During the war in Gaza, the aggressive mood vented into violent riots. And Malmö Jews took to the street, they were attacked with fire works. A 86-year-old Auschwitz survivor told the Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet, “as she was pushed into a street, shouted at by “youths”, all Jews should be killed.

In 2009 there were registered in the province of Scania twice as many anti-Semitic crimes, as in the previous year. An arson attack on the chapel of the Jewish cemetery, grave desecration, and continued threat of Jewish shopkeepers were recorded. An artist turned cans labeled “Zyklon B – poison gas” against the Jewish community. In neighboring Helsingborg was trying to light the synagogue on fire. The Palestinian conflict even has effected as far down the the 6th League of football, where the Jewish Hakoah FC in grouped to play with FC Palestine and it was asked to be reclassified to no avail.

During last year’s match fans supporting FC Kosovo, stormed the field and strated hunting down the Jewish players, but were protected by the players of the Kosovo team. Already the exodus has begun for Jewish families. «Skånska Dagbladet». “Imagine that such a fantastic country like Sweden cannot give a sense of security to my family” sighs, a father to the “Skånska Dagbladet.” His anscestors fled the Russian pogroms of the Jews in the 19th Century. Now his son is called a “Jewish pig” on his way to the Malmö synagogue .

Every local politician would instinctively pick up on such a problem writes the left-liberal the Stockholm newspaper “Dagens Nyheter. But the Social Democratic mayor Ilmar Reepalu push the blame to the victims. Reepalu asked in an interview published on Holocaust Remembrance Day Malmö’s Jewish community to distance itself from abuses committed by the Israelis in Gaza. He also said that it was not Malmö problem if Jews wanted to move to Israel. Now there’s a forum for dialogue is supposed to reduce tensions.


  1. If ever there was evidence and proof that Islam is a hateful, totalitarian control system bent on conqeuring the world, this is it.

    Oslo, home of the Nobel Prizes, is set to become another Islamic beach-head for the regimes of Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon and other nations of the Islamic umma.

    Had these “immigrants” been Nazis, you would never have seen them enter any free nation at all. Islam equals Nazi.

    That is obvious to all, yet the soul-less western leaders constantly appease the Muslims in the name of OPEC oil and gas.

    I say, no more!

    Ship ALL Muslim immigrants back to the deserts and Islamic cities and towns where they came from unless they utterly renounce their ideology and enter de-programming as cult members.

    May the west and the free world prevail.

  2. ========================================

    The Riders.

    The poor thugs of Islam
    don’t know what they’re up against!

    They struggle, lie, and cheat,
    in their futile attempt to force Sharia
    into Europe’s hard-won democracy,
    without knowing that it possesses
    a self-adjusting mechanism of love
    so ever-more powerful than their hate.

    They forget the wars we’ve fought, and won,
    against Communism and National Socialism,
    whose goons Muslims collaborated with,
    as well as Christianity’s assorted off-shoots,
    and all such un-earthly nonsense;

    they forget the human hearts and souls sacrificed,
    tortured, burned, and killed through religion…
    human beings whose fate we keep dear in mind,
    and whose sufferings we honor by saying “No!”,
    to the immature antics of Islam’s jihadists.

    The poor thugs of Islam
    don’t know what they’re up against,
    and now that they’ve had their juvenile ‘fun’,
    it’s time to show’em just who we are.

    Allow us to introduce ourselves:

    We are the P.F.E.,
    the Party For Earth,
    and we’re getting ready
    to take over the whole shebang,
    continents, nations, religions, and creed,
    un-willing, through ignorance and tribal allegiance,
    to subordinate the past to love and democracy;

    we are the atheists riding white horses
    sounding their hooves in the night,
    and come to liberate humanity
    from sorrows of tyranny;

    we are the riders
    of freedom.

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