Suicide bombs hit Russian province of Ingushetia

The terrorists, Islamist radicals seeking to establish an Islamist caliphate in southern Russia, detonated a second bomb at the same location forty minutes later. Nobody appears to have been killed or wounded in the second blast.

The attacks come as the Islamists boast they have launched a fresh terror campaign after two suicide attacks last week left more than fifty Russians dead in the most serious escalation in an undeclared guerrilla war since 2004.

The latest attack is the fourth in the last week.

Two female suicide bombers targeted the Moscow metro last Monday, two male suicide bombers targeted police in southern Russia last Wednesday, and on Sunday terrorists blew up a goods train in the same region.

In the latest attack, a suicide bomber targeted a town called Karabulak in the predominantly Muslim Russian republic of Ingushetia.

Two policemen died and two more were badly wounded when an unidentified man tried to enter a local police station and blew himself up when thwarted.

Forty minutes later, his car parked a short distance away also exploded.

In a sign of how seriously the authorities are taking the violence, the whole of Ingushetia was recently declared to be a zone of counter-terrorism activity giving the police and special forces a freer hand to hunt down and kill the extremists.

4 Replies to “Suicide bombs hit Russian province of Ingushetia”

  1. Its ironic that the former Soviet Union is getting its share of terrorist attacks, when during the Cold War, it was they who were ordering guerilla fighters all over the world.

    Its just more evidence that Islam should and MUST be banned as a dangerous and violent political ideology.

    May the west prevail.

    Kufar and proud.

  2. It is really sad whatever happened in Russia. I’m seriously worried about the whole notion of black widows. It is like they are creating a brigades of people who are programmed to offer nothing but destruction.

  3. Don’t forget the USSR’s prior involvement in Afghanistan. If they hadn’t invaded, what would the world be like now?

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