More warnings for the West, do not allow burkas or niqabs to be worn on your streets. There’s a whole host of moral considerations for the banning of the burka and the niqab, but one outweighs them all, the use of these garment bags in criminal activity. KGS

H/T: Reinhard

Burka-clad bomb attackers shot dead in Lashkar Gah

Afghan security forces have shot dead two militants who attacked a charity office in the southern city of Lashkar Gah, officials say.

They say the two men, wearing burkas, were killed before they could detonate their explosives-laden vests.

A woman working for the International Relief and Development charity and a guard were injured in the attack.

Lashkar Gah is near Marjah in Helmand province, the focus of a major Nato-led offensive against the Taliban.

Last Saturday, suicide bombers launched an assault on the city of Kandahar, in the neighbouring province, which left at least 35 people dead.

A Taliban spokesman said the attacks were in response to a planned major offensive by US and Nato forces against militants in the Kandahar province.

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