Open letter to youtube.

I loath this open letter nonsense. Such a ‘Michael Moore’ism. However as youtube does not provide a method for feedback that I can see, I guess I will have to do this. Youtube removed a video I put up yesterday. One which I am quite confident remains up in the original Dutch with English moments. One which really does intened to create racial hatred and incite violence. We, V.H. and I, translated it and reuploaded it in English to expose that hatred to the light of day and obviously not to aid it’s message. Below, is youtube’s warning to me:

Here is my reply to them:

So exposing hate speech is the same as hate speech itself? I put this up to let people know what is being said in Holland by one community against another. I most certainly do not support what is being said.

The opposite actually.

Below, the actual video:

I think the youtube team has made a mistake. This video is still up all over youtube by people who actually mean it, but in Dutch.

You made a mistake and in doing so, have helped those you meant to stop, and have hurt those trying to expose them.

Dutch rap incitement to hate Jews from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

Below is the original untranslated video still on youtube by people who actually want to spread hate and incitment to violence and genocide against Jewish people still happily living at youtube.


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8 Replies to “Open letter to youtube.”

  1. I have been making a channel on redux with Islam critical video’s and images, i like the site because it allows me to put together different video’s from different sources like youtube and vimeo. please check out:

    I am hoping that this site will allow me to get into digital television in the near future. Everyone who wants can post a there own video or website to my channel if they log in.

  2. Your criticism of the Dutch rappers or their rap-song was directed against a “protected” minority group. Their “song” is directed against an unprotected majority group (white/western). YouTube’s guidelines speak of hatred and violence against protected minority groups but mean simply criticism. You (we) lose on three accounts: 1) we are majority, not minority; 2) we are unprotected and not protected; 3) when we criticize this is considered as hatespeech, defamation or whatever YouTube (or the flaggers) want to call it.

  3. It’s damn shameful that this happened, Eeyore… As you know, I don’t have to tell you about my lack of means to access YouTube at the moment, but the conduct of those in charge of it, making them do what they did to your video exposing those behind the true hate, makes me wonder if they’re about to rename it ShariaTube, or PBUH_Tube, or MeccaTube (it’s all the same, isn’t it?)

  4. Vlad – you may find this site supportive in your battle:

    Their mission: “Our mission at SDC is to fight the spread of terrorist propaganda on YouTube. This is not an effort to stifle free speech. We value free speech as much as the next person. In fact, our efforts are to help protect that right to free speech we value so much. The terrorists use YouTube services for propaganda purposes and to recruit new members for the fight against the West. And make no mistake, those hirabist, islamo-fascist terrorists who use our right to free speech, will take that right away if they win.”

  5. Fuck YouTube! They’re obviously fascists. Google video would be no better given all the fascists whey allow to continue posting in Google Groups (I’ve complained for years yet they close my accounts but leave theirs). Time to run your own videos.

  6. You are probably wrong. This is not a mistake, it is very much deliberate, as it is my personal knowledge that Youtube employs many AA moderators, who naturally don’t like Whites or Jews very much. They play it innocent when they delete videos exposing bigotry, and there is no Ytube apparatus to check the policy of the individual employees – so there is no way they can get in trouble.

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