Infiltration of the EDL, Nazis, and hailing a cab.

Unsurprisingly, illiberal members of the political left have infiltrated groups like the E.D.L. and acted like Nazis for the purpose of discretization. While its interesting that they would do so in the first place, as it shows that they know the E.D.L. are not Nazis or they wouldn’t need to do this, it also shows that you can’t hail a cab if you are right of Stalin these days, and not be called a Nazi.

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One Reply to “Infiltration of the EDL, Nazis, and hailing a cab.”

  1. Its sad when a group that is trying to defend the heritage of the UK can be infiltrated by the very people who would see that heritage destroyed.

    Round them all up and deport them to whatever Muslim country that will allow them in. Then close the borders.

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