Anti-Israel Activist Attacks Jewish Girl on Campus

Israel National News:

Anti-Israel Activist Attacks Jewish Girl on Campus

( University of California at Berkeley was again the site of a clash involving pro-Israel and anti-Israel activists last Friday when Husam Zakharia, leader of the Students for Justice in Palestine, assaulted Jessica Felber of the pro-Israel Tikvah group with a shopping cart.

The incident occurred during competing events from the SJP-run “Israel Apartheid Week” and “Israel Peace and Diversity Week” organized by Tikvah. Felber was holding a sign that read “Israel Wants Peace” when Zakharia intentionally slammed her from behind with a shopping cart filled with toys donated for the welfare of Arab children in the Hamas-controlled Gaza region.

Felber told Israel National News that she responded to the incident by immediately placing her attacker under citizens’ arrest. Police arrested him later that day and Felber expressed hope that the District Attorney will see the case through and file charges against Zakharia.

Felber said that Friday’s incident was not the first time Zakharia used violence against pro-Israel advocates. According to her, physical intimidation has frequently been employed as a tool by SJP to silence students opposing their anti-Zionist activities on campus. “SJP students have been terrorizing us for three years with intimidation, accusations and threats. This incident is simply the culmination of it all and we are not going to tolerate it anymore.”

SJP’s tactics backfired on at least one occasion when, in November 2008, the group attempted to disrupt a concert organized by the Zionist Freedom Alliance during “Israel Liberation Week” on the UC Berkeley campus. After striking a ZFA activist in the head, Zakharia found himself beaten to the ground. Following the incident, Zakharia and two fellow SJP members, along with two Zionist activists, were cited for battery but no charges were officially filed.

The UC Berkeley Hillel and leaders of the California Bay Area Jewish community condemned the violence at the time but made no moral distinction between SJP and ZFA. This time around, however, Felber said Hillel and many other Jewish organizations have been very supportive and she expressed hope that SJP will no longer be able to intimidate her or other students on campus.

Thanks to an alert commenter below, here is a video of our Palestinian Justice fellow:

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7 Replies to “Anti-Israel Activist Attacks Jewish Girl on Campus”

  1. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again… Mahoundians would never have the guts to do that to a single male infidel unless they were in a gang of half a dozen or more (make it a dozen for large such infidels.) Their “courage” for one-on-one confrontations is reserved solely for when they can face one woman or one child, period. This mahound-worshipping coward (sorry about the redundant use of “mahoundian” and “coward” to describe the same arabian tapeworm) has proven this timeless truth about its (not his) ilk once again.

  2. The most interesting (and disturbing) thing was that the University charged BOTH parties with Battery after the previous incident. I guess if you’re Jewish and/or pro-Israel, defending yourself against an unprovoked attack by some savage Sand Nazi is unacceptable. Seems like the tax payers of California would have something to say about that.

  3. CBC in interviewing Nick Bergiami wants to hear “balanced” view from the machete wielder. Leftist self-hatred makes it the victim’s fault. A CBC interviewer on Islamic honor killings gave the last word to a professor who insisted that these crimes are no different than regular domestic violence. I think leftism is a mental illness which turns the concept of fairness backwards – the criminal is ALWAYS justified. The concept of accountability has been erased from them, which distorts and eliminates any kind of moral code in the name of “equality”. It’s a cult, Sun-Yung Moon or Jim Jones style. Like Pat Condell says – “The medicine has become the disease.”

  4. Dallas it has been my contention for over a decade now, that the CBC’s idea of balance and fairness is, that Hizbolah and Islam in general wants all the world’s Jews dead and of course, Israel and Jewish people do not. So the solution is just to make all the Jews really really sick.

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