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3 Replies to “Canadian women do not get a menses till 22! Who knew!”

  1. So the truth about menstruation is finally here thanks to Islam. As usual, idiots like this guy have no grip on reality.

  2. I couldn’t watch more than four minutes of this drivel.

    These are the excuses that pedophiles would use if they were allowed to have sex with under-age girls.

    No wonder the state of medicine in Muslim countries is generally equal or less than that of the west during the 16th century.

    Yet hundreds of millions of people believe this idiot since he promotes Islam and is considered and expert.

    This is more proof that Islam has no place in the 21st century.

  3. Okay, the guy is pretty creepy, but he does make one excellent point. It is just as despicable for our society to teach young girls that sex is “safe” and acceptable if they use a condom (or get an abortion), as it is for Muslims to teach young girls that a forced marriage at the age of 8 is acceptable.

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