UKIP member fined 3000 Euros for calling the EU leader a damp rag

Check this short video. Remember, Europeans did not get to vote for the European leader. He leads a very mysterious parliament with a process no one really understands and which supersede all national laws, borders and democratic process.

If it costs three large to call him a damp rag, I wonder how much it is to call him colostomy bag. Or a yeast filled doggie minge. Could get expensive to be an MEP for me I guess. Still, well worth the money I figure as I would absolutly never pay it, and I trust that this British UKIP member will have the integrity to never pay a fine for a political opinion when he represents people who believe as he does.
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  1. The EU leadership is demonstrating that it as the same level of intolerance that Islam shows when it comes to criticism. Too bad they still think that the EU is democratic.

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