Dispatches: Britain’s Islamic Republic

The rest will be posted soon. Here is part 1. which is worse, the Muslims or the British government face for them, making preposterous claims about Islam.

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  1. As I’ve commented in the past, when I’m home on the weekends or leave, I greatly enjoy going through your site and catching. So much that I wanted to finally donate to show my appreciation.

    Unfortunately, you donate button, even if you select Canada, won’t let you get past the “State” selection because the Provinces don’t come up, let alone being able to put in a postal code vs. a zip code.

    Gotta fix that donate button Vlad. Really would like to support what you’re doing.

  2. Thank you very much. You are not only very kind, but the first person ever to donate!

    I’ll see what I can do. I know that Canadians do manage it as I have taken payments for services through that button from people I know. I’ll ask them how they did it. And again, thank you.

  3. …going through your site and catching (up). I meant to say “up.” Damn these un correctable comment systems.

    Just email me with the details. Or let Natasha know at the website she lets me blog at.

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