60 Minutes Program Explores Questions Surrounding Turkey’s Genocide of Armenians

The Muslim Turks committed acts of genocide against the Armenian people between 1915-1917. The US program 60 Minutes does an excellent job in reporting on it. Watch it all. KGS

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NOTE: Hitler knew Marxist theory, that the use of genocide was a means to erase all who stood in the way of a grand socialist state. The Armenian genocide by the Turks offered Hitler an example of how he could get away with it.

4 Replies to “60 Minutes Program Explores Questions Surrounding Turkey’s Genocide of Armenians”

  1. Many thanks for posting this. Please try to keep it here, so that non-Armenians who missed ’60 Minutes’ may see it in the future. If you have a YouTube account, could you post it there also?

    You have done something useful to rebut the Turk public relations machine. They think they can rely on the fact that most people know very little about history …. or care about getting the story straight.

  2. What is less well known is that german officers observed the genocide without participating, but later used this knowledge for the german holocaust. Several would-be prominent nazi officials were present in eastern Turkey to watch the turks use train transport and camps to solve “the armenian problem”… (bet you didnt know this.)

  3. I never realized the German Islam friendship connection. Thank you very much for this.

    Makes me happy in a sick way knowing that the Germans are getting theirs now; from muslim street gangs – better late than never.

    But that is not that fair to say so- many Germans invested with Lehman Bros. as a way of showing that they are not Jew haters and sadly, lost all or most of their life savings.

    I saw this in a documentary about Iceland on Deutsche Welt in January/2010

  4. Please before make the comment, read the history what really happened to Armenian people 100 years ago. Who was the victim. Turks or Armenian? Think you are welcoming another nation (Armenian) to you country and they start to kill your people, kill innocent child, pregnant women, elderly people. I just would like to bring to your attention before make judgment.You should really be aware of what it happened. And search how Armenian live in Turkey now. All I know that they are all living comfortably, wealthy; practicing their religion freely. If they really fell victim of the genocide why they are still living in Turkey.Besides, have you ever heart any voice about Genocide from Turkish- Armenian; since all people is equal and free in Turkey.

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