STOPshariaLAWnow posts this video:

It is refreshing to see a woman actually fighting back against the horror of Islam. Modern feminism seems to be in league with Islam as modern feminism is more concerned with being in alignment with anti-West and anti-capitalism than they are with actual women’s rights as human beings. My only criticism of this video, is that while STOPshariaLAWnow is 100% correct that the ‘small stick’ or the ‘beat them lightly’ is not a mitigating factor in any way whatsoever, and in fact it is obscene to even sugest it is,  Robert Spencer’s book on Koran exposes how actually only in the English translations of Koran and other Muslim holy books, are those preposterous excuses used, and not in the original, placed there to anaesthetize western peoples to the true depth of horror and depravity which is Islam.

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