Official Statement Regarding The Abuse Of EDL Prisoners

Here is a predictable set of events. Government selectively enforces various speech and thought crimes laws to advantage themselves, then selectively enforce prisoner treatment laws to cause maximum damage to political opponents. Sexual offenders get special accommodation in prisons, but EDL members are put in the same population as the violent Muslim thugs they are protesting about. We, ladies and gentlemen, we pathetic remnants of the world of genuine rational liberalism, we are well and truly fucked.

From Liberties Alliance Org.

The following is a statement from the English Defence League:

To all EDL members

As you may well already be aware members of the English Defence League have been arrested and charged for relatively “minor” offences.

Members who are prepared to stand up against the rising tide of Islamofascism and its adherents are being “hung out to dry” by our weak politicians in the hope they can salvage much needed Muslim votes in order to retain governance. This is just another ploy to use the “Muslim block vote” so other parties are denied potential seats in the houses of parliament.

It has come to our attention that some EDL members who are currently serving short prison time are actually being targeted by imprisoned radicalised jihadist gangs, consequently they have been beaten and will continue to get beaten as prison authorities “turn a blind eye” to events unfolding under their very roof!

We the English Defence League condemn such apathy, such wanton ignorance or, more likely, deliberate targeting of EDL members!

EVERY prison has a “duty of care” for its inmates. Prisoners MUST be afforded protection from harm as that is their right. They cannot be discriminated against by virtue of their race, colour, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or political views.

EVERY human being, be they prisoner, detainee, terrorist or asylum seeker has the basic human right to be treated with dignity and respect. They have the right to food, housing, PROTECTION, education and assistance from the law. They have the right not to be exploited, tortured or intimidated. As a country we have agreed to abide by the European Convention on Human Rights, as a nation we have the Human Rights Act to protect us from those who would seek to harm us or prevent us from enjoying our civil liberties.

If the British prison system fails EDL members in ANY of the above mentioned points then we as a movement will relentlessly pursue EVERY avenue to secure their safety while serving prison time. Failure on the part of prison governors to ensure the safety of EDL members while in their care WILL result in the petitioning of government, liable governors, the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, and ANY other authority who are accountable for the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of inmates.

It is also worth noting that Prison service Order Number 1215 clearly states that……

“This PSO supports the delivery of the Performance Standards on Conduct and Discipline and the proper delivery of the Security Standard and all standards relating to the treatment of staff and prisoners.”

If prison staff have been found to be complacent, negligent or wantonly ignorant in the above regard then they themselves are in breach of a “Prison Service Order”

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  1. Also posted at Atlas, Seasidemarshy et al must have known it would come to this. Once they’re released and they talk about what has happened at the hands of Muslims inside, for protesting what Muslims are doing and want to do outside, if the British MSMs don’t cover it, the next step will inevitably lead to an abandonment of civility by the secular protesters, and a resort to violence. You can only kick a dog so often until he bites back, and the Kuffar is tired of being treated like a dog, called and ape and equated to a monkey.

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