Kenyan police clash with Muslim Protestors

I must say, the rest of the world could learn a few things about how to handle Muslims from the Kenyans. It appears they managed to get the better of the deal with a gang of rioting Muslims demanding that the Kenyan nation give in to all their demands. If only Western governments would allow regular people to defend thier own cultures, beliefs and societies then we could probably fix the problem of Islam in the west in a week. [I bolded the text below]

Kenya flag

Kenyan security forces shot in the air and fired tear gas at hundreds of people protesting in the capital on Friday against the detention of Jamaican Muslim cleric Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal.

The protesters, chanting “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) and some holding the flag of Somali rebel group al Shabaab, were blocked by police with dogs as they tried to march through the heart of Nairobi after prayers at the downtown mosque.

Some Kenyans, angry the attempted protest had taken place at all, joined forces with the security forces and began hurling stones at the marchers, squeezing them back towards the mosque.

“This is not an acceptable behaviour. The man who is supposed to be deported is not a Kenyan and his presence is not in the interest of Kenya these days,” said bystander Richard Odibo.

A helicopter clattered overhead and police also used water cannon to contain the clashes. Many protesters, some carrying pictures of Faisal on placards, were eventually corralled in the mosque but small groups continued hurling stones nearby.

A Reuters witness saw two policemen and four protesters injured by stones.

Faisal was visiting the east African nation for a preaching tour. Kenyan intelligence officials have said they fear his speeches could stoke radicalism in a country that has suffered two al Qaeda-linked attacks.

Faisal was deported from Britain in 2007 for preaching racial hatred and urging his audiences to kill Jews, Hindus and Westerners. He was arrested in Kenya on Dec. 31.

Kenya’s immigration minister Otieno Kajwang has declared Faisal a prohibited immigrant. Attempts by Kenya to deport him failed last week because Nigeria refused to give him a transit visa to Gambia.

Police sources told Reuters Faisal was being held at Nairobi’s international airport. Another source said the government would hold him in custody until he could be deported straight to Jamaica.

“One person, a Jamaican, how can he make the whole country shut down? One person, how come no one in Jamaica is defending him,” said a man in a group that charged the Muslim protesters.

“These demonstrators, they can go back home to Somalia if they want to,” he told Reuters Television.
Kenya hosts some 300,000 Somali refugees in refugee camps and there is a significant Somali community in Nairobi. There have been reports of rebel supporters recruiting fighters and young suicide bombers from the diaspora within Kenya.

Al Shabaab, a rebel group that Washington accuses of links to al Qaeda, is battling to overthrow the Somali government and impose their own hardline version of sharia law.


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  1. Abdullah al-Faisal, like any black mahoundian, is a self-loathing idiot by definition. The status of scum and slaves given to blacks by mahoundianism must be brought up over and over again, even if this might be off-topic.

    By the way, things are just great in the land that had the guts to ban minarets, Eeyore… Going back to Arabistan six weeks from now will suck big time…

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