Anjem gets 24 hour guard at public expense.

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ABOVE: Anjem Choudary gloated over benefits pot
14th January 2010

By Gary Nicks

BANNED Muslim extremist Anjem Choudary is getting 24-hour police protection – and you are paying for it.

His threat to march in Wootton Bassett whipped up so much fury senior officers have stepped in to defend him from hate mobs.

On Sunday, 200 English Defence League supporters descended on the Wiltshire town which honours Britain’s war dead after rumours of a demo by his Islam4UK organisation.

The radical group was banned by the Home Secretary on Tuesday. And police chiefs are diverting men from essential duties to guarantee Choudary’s safety after far-right nuts made death threats against him. Gloating Choudary, 42, even cranked up the hatred against him by claiming the £25,000 benefits he gets every year, and the £325,000 house he lives in, were provided by “Allah” and not the British taxpayer.

The bill to guard Choudary could cost as much as £100,000 a year. But the trained lawyer said he was proud to milk the system, adding: “I am not doing anything illegal.

“If we were living under the shariah there would be free food, clothing and shelter for all. The money belongs to Allah and if it is given you can take it.

“You don’t lie and you don’t cheat – that is what the prophet said.”

But Matthew Sinclair, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Taxpayers are going to be shocked to hear the police are having to waste time they should be spending fighting terrorism looking after Anjem Choudary.”

And Tory MP Patrick Mercer, chairman of the Commons sub- committee on counter-terrorism, slammed Choudary as a publicity-seeker.

He said: “He’s drawing constant attention to himself and diverting resources from their proper use.”

A police source warned: “Choudary has deliberately made himself a target among far-right groups and his plans to protest at Wootton Bassett stirred up even more anger.

“Senior officers are frightened of having a race war on their hands. If something were to happen to him, we would be blamed.”

Below, please find a recent video of Anjem on UK TV. Have a close look at the top of his head. This is what it looks like when you try and polish a turd.

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  1. A government with balls slightly bigger than a cockroach and a spine made of anything but plasticine would cut those benefits off at a stroke. They have the perfect justification, they never provided any in the fisrt instance, they came from allah, let Jam Chowder sue him for benefits.

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