Russia – “Kabbalah” Vodka; with Christian infants

The English Russia website posted an article about “Kabbalah” vodka, supposedly made by a brand called EZ Protocols (a reference to the anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion). A web search shows that a number of websites, including MediaBistro, have taken this at face value. EnglishRussia says that each bottle comes with a glass “Christian infant” inside, an obvious play on the medieval blood libel against the Jews, popularized by Nazis and Islamists in our own time. There is also an upside-down pentagram (usually associated with devil worship) on the bottle, another timeless slur against the Jews.

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  1. l es un caballero, neimaer y me dio el poder del di.
    This is often a question many that would like to venture to a astral plane asks themselves.

    The hypnotist, Don Mannarino, used what’s considered a “non-smoker” method.

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