Denmark’s Iran ralley, commie free!

Thanks to we see that those protesting for regime change in Iran from Copenhagen actually seem to be orders of magnitude smarter than the ones in last week’s rally in Ottawa. Below, a snip of the Europenews article but pop over and read it all.

Regime Change in Iran – Rally in Copenhagen

By Henrik R Clausen 2 January 2010

Today, January 2nd 2010, protesters in 28 cities stood up against the brutal Iranian regime, for freedom of expression, freedom of religion and the separation of the Iranian state from Islam. And, not least, for regime change in Iran and for holding the current rulers accountable for their crimes. Pictures and impressions are from the rally in Copenhagen, where 200-250 Danes and Iranians participated in the rally.

(Note: More pictures to be posted later. They can be seen at Facebook.)

The rally was held at 17:30 in the evening, well after nightfall in Denmark. It was encouraged to hold torches as well as Iranian flags. The rally blended well with the lights in Rådhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) in Copenhagen. The thermometer (the red column in the background) shows minus 4 degrees centigrade.

The flag of Iran sports a lion and a sun, not a halfmoon or the abstract symbol of the Islamic Republic. Islamic invaders stole the country many centuries ago, and crushed a proud, independent culture. Iranians want their country and their freedom back, including freedom of religion.

The banners read:
Stop the killings – Stop the torture – Stop the disappearances – We are all together
Support the public demand for: Freedom & Equality in IRAN.

For the rest, please pop over to Europenews.DK

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