Canadian university campus and out of fashion views:

From The International Free Press Society

There are 17 of these videos in this series or more and all can be viewed here. I have not seen them all yet and I am willing to bet there are better moments on some of the videos than the moments that were picked on this. However this short segment gives a pretty clear indication what will happen to you if you attempt to give a calm reasoned speech for a point of view currently out of fashion at a Canadian university. In fact, in Calgary worse has happened including harassment by the police by those who would hold openly anti laissez-faire views on abortion.

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  1. Are these other videos available elswhere? The link I used said: This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

    Perhaps the children making a farce of free speech didn’t want Mom and Dad to find out that they waste their time at college wasting more than the tuition?

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