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  1. i would like to see that survey and what it actually says..I do not believe for one second that 63% believe that every word in the bible is true….it is a very very small group of people who believe that and they are quite obvious….to believe that the bible is the word of god does not mean it is absolutely true…and on top of that translation is everything as well as context…..for god sake this kind of silly journalism , thoi funny proves nothing other thasn if you take something out of context or pick one small section of an enormous whole you can make people look silly…..oy..for christ sake, to believe in god is really not that stupid, nor is religion…but just like pancakes with too much syrup, it must be used judiciously. ….atheism just means you believe that evereything is bullshit…and that is fine…but it is hardly a superior position nor an intellectually better position…..god all mighty !!!!!!

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