Hamas protests Egypt’s underground wall

Hamas stages a protest as it feels it has a right to smuggle weapons, break laws and treaties and generally continue to create hell on earth for all nearby and all who are in anyway associated with them by choice or accident. Hamas actually has the stones to protest Egypt for building a wall underground between Gaza and Egypt which Hamas uses to break Egyptian laws, and dig tunnels for smuggeling weapons which are occasionally used against the Egyptians. It is a sad day indeed when the Egyptian government are actually the good guys in a news story.

From Google News courtesy of Islam in Europe

Hamas protests Egypt’s tunnel wall on Gaza border

(AFP) – 1 day ago

RAFAH, Gaza Strip — A few hundred Hamas supporters gathered along the Gaza-Egypt border on Monday to protest Egypt’s construction of an underground wall to stem smuggling to the besieged territory.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri called the wall an “unjustifiable situation” and demanded that its construction be immediately halted.

“This will only lead to the strangulation of our residents and will bring about a real catastrophe in the Gaza Strip,” he told the crowds that assembled in the border town of Rafah near where the wall is being built.

Egypt has only implicitly confirmed the construction of the underground wall, which was first reported by Israeli media, saying it is aimed at protecting its territory from security threats.

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper said the barrier will reach a depth of 30 metres (100 feet) and will be 10 kilometres long (six miles).

The barrier appears aimed at shutting down the extensive network of smuggling tunnels along the border that have served as a crucial lifeline since Israel and Egypt sealed the territory off from all but vital aid in June 2007 following the Islamist group’s bloody seizure of the territory.

The tunnels are mainly used for food, fuel and household appliances, but Hamas also uses them to import weapons into the territory and send fighters abroad for training.

Egypt has long been mediating between Israel and Hamas and among feuding Palestinian factions, struggling to balance its stated support for the Palestinians with its interest in defusing regional tensions.

Earlier Monday Cairo rejected a request by international activists to organise a march to Gaza via Egypt to mark one year since Israel’s massive military offensive against Hamas.

“Egypt finds it difficult to cooperate with this march considering the sensitive situation in the Gaza Strip,” the foreign ministry said.

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4 Replies to “Hamas protests Egypt’s underground wall”

  1. GOOD! Makes me smile. Eventually the buck stops at Hamas. Whiners!

    To Hamas and apologists: You can only blame everyone else so long until it becomes clear to you that maybe YOU have a small part to play in what you don’t like.

    A popular uprising against Hamas would be great to see but from the results of polls in Gaza I have a feeling that the whole damn population there is deranged.

    So I’m not holding my breath.

    The Code Pink demonstration there on Dec. 31 will add the icing to the cake. LOL

  2. I hope to Christ that Code Pink is going to wear bikinis or Pink lettuce leaves or something. Its time the delusions of these leftists got the wake up call they deserve.

  3. Actually the article refers to Code Pink’ s rejection by Egypt so I guess the freak show won’t happen. I was hoping it would for a little comic relief with the uglies in the pink bikinis cozying up to Hamas. Maybe when things cool down we will be treated by the spectacle. I perversely hope it’ll happen ’cause I LOVE their uniforms!

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