New movie Avatar downright racist. It would never be shown in public if they changed any of the roles.

A good friend of mine came over for a visit the other night and told me about a film he had seen the night before called ‘Avatar’. He was utterly stunned at how racist and anti white it was. How all the good people in it where black women or amer-Indian males who cared about the environment like that US crying Indian did for the anti-throw-your-garbage-out-the-window commercials in the early 80s.

He was aslo stunned by how all the white male dialogue was so blatantly about profit over, well anything really. I in fact am planning on ripping a few scenes after what he told me and doing a bit of a movie review of my own complete with illustrations once I can find a decent stream of the damn thing. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered this wonderful gem at Tundra Tabloids by one of my favorite thinkers and authors of the 20th century, Fjordman, who wrote a review of this very film and for the same reasons. Again, this movie even from the 20 odd minutes I watched online, was the most racist thing I have seen since The Birth of a Nation, the first ever hollywood feature length motion picture, and made by the Ku Klux Klan.

Basically, if you want to see Avatar just watch this clip but imagine you can see all the people throwing trash as white males who get paid for it, and that each crying Indian has a black woman telling him exactly what to do, and how to pray for the land at all times.

And now on to Fjordman:

Since I am a certified sci-fi geek and most science fiction movies are quite bad this habit unfortunately forces me to watch a large number of bad movies. It’s one of my little perversions. I have just watched the most expensive B-movie ever made, the US$ 237 million Avatar by director James Cameron, famous for having produced films such as The Terminator, Terminator 2, Aliens and Titanic. Briefly summed up I would say that while it is visually spectacular, as is everything Mr. Cameron makes, Avatar has to be one of the most anti-Western and especially anti-white Hollywood movies I have seen in a long time.

The hero is the U.S. Marine Jake Sully who has been sent to the planet-like moon Pandora because humans desire the mineral resources found of Pandora, which is inhabited by a race of tall, blue-skinned aliens, the Na’vi. They have a non-industrial civilization technologically inferior to ours but apparently spiritually richer and in perfect ecological harmony with the natural environment. The hero predictably falls in love with the native culture and connects with a native girl.

“Going native” is in itself not an original theme; it resembles Dances with Wolves, only with aliens instead of Sioux. Neither is the preference for pre-industrial civilization, which was after all shared by a good man such as Tolkien in his The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tolkien had personally experienced the meaningless horrors of trench warfare during the First World War and this naturally affected his view of industrialized society. What is different about the movie Avatar is how it portrays whites as a bunch of raging monsters, something which Tolkien never did.

Basically, the white characters are portrayed as brutal, greedy and insensitive beasts who rape the environment and destroy other cultures with a smile in the search for profit. The main antagonist is the white Colonel Quaritch, a brute who hardly possesses a single positive character trait. The final climax of the movie is when he screams “How does it feel to betray your race?” to the protagonist while he is trying to murder him. Although a few of the white characters such as Jake Sully are portrayed in a more redeeming light this is only because they totally reject their own civilization and join the other team in the fight. In other words: the only good whites are the ones who utterly turn their backs on their own destructive and evil culture. As reviewer Armond White put it, “Avatar is the corniest movie ever made about the white man’s need to lose his identity and assuage racial, political, sexual and historical guilt.”

Of course, back in the real world whites are among the most self-critical and least ethnocentric people on Earth, and have been so for a long time. Whites are also disproportionately represented in the environmental movement whereas many “diverse” Third World peoples couldn’t care less about the environment. But why let the truth get in the way of making a good anti-white movie? The fact that quite a few among the predominantly white audience cheered for this movie shows that anti-white hatred and stereotypes have become so widespread and accepted that most people cannot even see it, least of all whites themselves.

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  1. I heard that Cameron spent more on this movie than he did on The Titanic. Whose smiling in the search for profit? How do you spell Cameron’s Hollywood? hypocrisy.

  2. and of course what is really cool , is that “indian” was in fact an Italian actor..not an indian at all! and the problem of “pollution” per se was easily fixed … I am so glad I will be dead when the complete collapse of western civilization happens….or shit I hope I am dead!

  3. Had Avatar not possessed such overwhelmingly incredible aesthetic appeal in 3D, the temptation to watch would have evaporated early on. Ok, so I admit it, the visuals were hypnotically captivating. The story – feh.
    Had this film portrayed Brazilian or Venezuelan profiteers ravaging Amazon rain forests, Cameron would be eating this film.

  4. The ‘villains’ were COMPLETELY diverse.

    It was no more of a political statement than was the poor boy rich girl theme of Titanic or the ‘company and/or military’ in Abyss.

    They serve the movie and that’s all.

    If you want a villain .. HUMINZ. Not blacks, whites or yellow, latino, english, or even, from some fjord.

    Seems to me the complaint is REALLY about how totally EXCELLENT an actor is Stephen (Ike Clanton, Stonewall Jackson) Lang.

    Looking for racist themes here is not only a stretch, but SO MOUCH of a stretch it brings into question the inner rush to judgment of the complainant.

  5. The fact that you could go through an entire movie like this and all you can do is say that it’s racist… I seriously pray for your pathetic existence, and hope that there aren’t too many pond scum like you, especially in our military

  6. Anon I get that I am pond scum and I get you don’t want me in the military.But the fact remains undressed:
    The villains where all white and the males worse than the females. The good guys were all aboriginal males who were utterly subservient to what was more or less black females. The white males were utterly horrid. Feel free to explain what a horrible human being I am and where you do not wish me to be, or, you could try explaining why my perception of this movie, and my observation that had they changed the group roles in any way, this movie would never have been made or shown and the director arrested, is inaccurate. Typically explaining why I am wrong does more to make your case than telling everyone I am pond scum that should not be in (whatever) military you call your own. However your approach is the more common. So I have to imagine it achieves something.
    Lastly, these observations are not mine alone but are shared by many, ost notably Fjordman, one of my favorite contemporary thinkers and writers as wel as friends of mine who saw the movie. The racism element is not the one that bothers me so much as the selective enforcement issue.

    Currently there is also a movie which depicts a really vile character who is Jewish called “An Education”. The fact that the villain is Jewish has nothing whatsoever to do with the story and does not move it along whatsoever. However the movie goes out of its way to point out that the repugnant character of the villain is Jewish a few times. Had they made him Muslim, it would not have been made. In fact, many books about terrorism where the terrorists are Muslim have had the villain changed, once even to German anarchists or some such. A popular British spy show I believe called ‘Spooks MI5’ actually had the terrorists be American anti abortionists. This from the UK where actual Islamic terrorism is a real threat past and present and where there are several alerts and arrests annually. This is my issue. As I said, feel free to toss a few more fauna insults my way. Lichen hasn’t been used in a while. ‘You sir are tree lichen and I hope not to have any of you in my forest’ etc. Or you can explain to me why this is not a problem.

  7. I somewhat disagree with you. While I can see some anti-white elements in this movie, I perceive this movie as completely anti-black / anti-minority.

    If you feel pangs of “white guilt” over the real life historical exploitation of other peoples by the European community and corporate industry, then this movie will fit your description, however I have a different take.

    This starts with one question. Why is it that every time a movie is made, it is a white man who comes to save some poor colored people? This movie, like Dances with Wolves, perpetuates the ignorant stereotype that it takes a white man to save the poor primitive colored people from utter destruction. This movie gives NO credit to the colored people, or gives them any chance of defeating the enemy themselves, they need a white man to do it. In essence, it takes a white man, swooping in from the heavens, to instantly become a hero and save the colored people. It speaks volumes by saying that the colored people could not save themselves. I routinely hear racist comments from real life white bigots making statements like, “if it were not for white people, Negroes would still be swinging from trees with bones in their noses.” This movies reinforces that ignorant stereotype and is blatantly racist against blacks, not whites.

    If the colored people in this movie rose up and defeated the corporation all by themselves, then your argument might hold water, but unfortunately, you see only what you want to see, and you epically fail to see how anti-black this movie is as well.

  8. Your friend is freaking retarded. James Cameron, the director is white. He’s as white as they come. He can’t dance, jump, or hold his dope for shit. How is making a movie about blue aliens who speak with a jamaican accent wanting to protect a computer-like planet from what humans have been doing for years? The reason why most of the humans are white is because not a whole lot of african americans or any other race likes sci-fi. Sigourney Weaver and Joel Moore (Grace and Norm, respectively) are two of the biggest nerds in Hollywood. I have yet to see a sci-fi with a predominately larger, non-white race.

    • so now people are blaming and getting angry at directors, actual PEOPLE mind you, for their race. While ranting about treating people based on their actions. Oh wait, people aren’t doing that, because they’re partly angry at a director for having been BORN the way he is. *claps hands* congratulations people. You have become hypocritical versions of racists. Bravo. So uh, how long does the race card’s effect last?

  9. This ridiculous brouhaha is absurd.
    Those who are so ready, and trigger happy to see, find, and hold offense at what I am reading are as ABSURD as the morons making up the stupid NO GOD signs for buses because those who DO believe somehow MUST be an affront.

    SOMEHOW. They’ll find an offense.
    This flick has but one purpose …

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ – to use it to further the technology to make more.

    Melville did not hate whales.
    A YARN

    Go see “It’s complicated” and complain about the discrete charm of the bourgeoisie and their navel gazing problems, or maybe that in Blind Side it was a white wash for a family who really was recruiting for Ole Miss

    Some people have totally LOST the ability to enjoy ANYTHING, so willing are they to find a morsel of offensiveness and magnify and sanctify it beyond any focus.

    Take 2 hours off and wonder what it would be like to to race along a root thousands of feet in the air. Watch Meryl Streep completely DISAPPEAR as Julia Child. Admire Carol Meyers TOTALLY WHITE UPPER MIDDLE CLASS humor and ability to bring it.

    Happy new year

  10. Epam: Normally I would overall agree with you. However political correctness has gone so far, that clearly racist movies where the capitolist white male is the total villain while the black female and amer-Indian land loving male are the in harmony perfect citizen blah blah blah has become the norm. My point is had any of the race-roles been changed, had the black females been the exploiters or the Amer-Indian people come to the planet of the white males the movie would never have been made due to the Al Sharptons of the world. My issue remains one of selective enforcement which I think is pernicious and dangerous to civilization.

  11. Boo hoo hoo.. Is this ur first encounter to a demeaning portrayal of ur race? Now, i hope next time u would want to stop and think about how many times other races have been portrayed in a bad or embarrasing light by the entertainment culture?

  12. Jerry your a little semantically challenged aren’t you? read the actual article and comments before you display your ignorance.

  13. Thanks for this article, Eeyore.

    Closer to the truth about how Amerindians behaved before the European conquest is Gibson’s Apocalypto, as I say today in my blog’s entry.

    Amerindians behaved horribly. I am publishing a book about how they tormented and sacrificed children before we, the white people, arrived to America.



  14. I agree with Eeyore. It has become somewhat difficult to portray non-white ethnic groups in full and complete light, showing both the good and the bad. Unfortunately history is not on the white people’ side. A lot of recorded history that remains fresh in people’s minds is about the colonial period on up, which is a period of white dominance and conquest. As a result the oppression of non-whites is the most recent memory and has the most tangible proof. And it appears that Cameron has cashed in on that. That’s what makes me so angry about Avatar. Instead of portraying both sides equally he made one-sided on purpose to appeal to non-whites sense of victimization and white people’s sense of inherited guilt. As a result he’s made millions. I t is easier to appeal to people’s negativity and that it is to to appeal to to their feelings of hope and desire to move on. This is because our culture teaches us to feel shame in unhealthy amounts. We are swayed to much by our media which, like Cameron, seeks to make money off of our negativity since that’s what sells nowadays. We need to learn to see things with our own eyes and even though it is hard to hold an unpopular opinion thinking for yourself will lead you closer to the truth. This movie should have never been about race or technological advancement. It should have been about people and it should have been told fairly from all perspectives. Avatar was disrespectful to whites and non-whites alike. For whites it says we are evil racists who only care about money and rape the environment (ironic considering that many environmentalists are white) and for non-whites it denies them the chance to have their own heroes lead. Avatar is amazing only in that it’s the only movie that I know of that manages to piss everyone off equally.

  15. @chechar: You say that “Amerindians behaved horribly. I am publishing a book about how they tormented and sacrificed children before we, the white people, arrived to America.”

    “Amerindians” as you call them do not have a monopoly on sacrifice of children. America (and the world really) is sacrificing children now: it’s called abortion, under the guise of choice. Heck, since when did choice trump morals responsibility? If I choose to kill any other human entity, I go to prison. But if it is an unborn, I’m off the hook because of choice? So I hope your using “Amerindians” as an example of those who sacrificed children gets balanced by modern-day truth.

    In the end, no of us comes out clean. We seem bent of just making sure that we can point the finger at someone we perceive to be dirtier than we are. We are all unclean. Ultimately we all need to deal with our own individual evils. Thank God for salvation.

  16. I did not get to watch the Avatar, but it sickened me to see so many nonwhites behaving so disrespectfully towards western civilisation that had given nonwhites so much opportunity to have a better life. Those opportunistics nonwhites who frequently and irrationally blamed white westerners/europeans for all the ills that was inflicted by their own nonwhite community/leaders should be ashamed of themselves and no doubt goaded by those other equally opportunistic orientalist islamics who refused to give credit to western civilisation for all the socalled achievement by nonwhites.

    • …you do realize that when you speak of the westerners that helped immigrants, those were, like, government workers, or a small portion of people. Not like, 100% of the western group. Oh, here’s an example. I’m white. Okay. I was born and grew up in the USA. Okay. That makes me Western. Okay. And I never did anything that had to do with helping out foreigners or anyone fitting into society.

  17. want me to tell you something? I watched this movie. I’m white. And I didn’t feel even slightly offended. First off, I don’t play the race card nearly as often for live action movies because the characters’ appearences are because of the ACTORS who look that way because they were BORN that way. And second, there were good caucasian people in the movie. And what would happen if the colonizers were Indian? Or black? How would it make a difference? By that logic you’d be saying, “white people can’t be the villains, but non-white people can” *researches law of the USA in the 90s* Ah, look, apperently in the 90s people couldn’t do almost ANYTHING because they were white or black. Huh. Finnally, as far as I knew, the colonizes in the movie were evil because they were simply greedy asshole humans.

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