Jews prove that they are not smarter than other groups.

How amazingly and suicidally stupid of ‘Jewish organizations’ to buy in to the worst reasoning possible on the minaret ban and support the Muslims. It’s like cows supporting building abattoirs because they think it will help them build a greenhouse. A mosque is not an analogue for church or synagogue, and a minaret is not an analogue for a bell tower. Jewish liberals world wide seem to think that it shows character to imagine that the Muslims in Europe today are like the Jews of the 1930s, and defend them as if they were. Its insanely untrue. The Jews of Germany were the most integrated of Europe and maybe the world. They were in fact, merely Germans overall and were most certainly not rioting in the streets, constituting the majority of the criminal population and attempting to force Germany to live under Mosaic law.
Mosques preach the gospel of Jew hatred in sermons as part of the orthodoxy of Islam. It is a central dogma. No such analogy can be found in Christianity or Judaism and certainly not as it is practised today. Lastly, when invective is hurled at Islam, (and I do it as easily as breathing) it is not at a race or any group not defined by behaviour. For some reason people have lost the ability to discriminate between what racism is, and what healthy critique of behaviour is. Perhaps that is because for generations now, we are taught that discrimination itself, a thing without which nothing that lives can survive, is wrong.
Specifically, if a person decides to leave Islam as a bad set of ideas they can carry on as part of any other belief group they want. They no longer would be a recipient of my invective if that were to matter to them. However when Muslims repeat that oft used phrase about the last day and killing all the Jews, it makes absolutly no difference if that person is an atheist, agnostic, Buddhist etc. only that the label ‘Jew’ can be applied. In this, it is a real racism even if Jews are not a race. Islam is a belief system like Nazis (with whom it has a great deal in common) or Communism, another group that has slaughtered millions upon millions for its superstitious ideology. (And if you do not think communism is superstitious, read the Communist agricultural manifesto someday and try and grow something using it) but like Nazis or comunists, they are free to leave it and no longer wear that label as criticism of a belief based group is more than rational, it is the obligation of free people. For the Jews of the world to support Muslims in their plan for primacy of Switzerland and everywhere else using Mosques and minarets as footholds, is suicidally stupid and shows a dramatic lack of understanding of the real situation. Egyptian Christians however, who actually have lived with these kind of restrictions off and on since Moe and his slaughtering brigands swept through North Africa raping and killing and oppressing all the way like some kind of macabre Santa actually felt it was a little divine justice and point out the astonishing hypocrisy of the Muslim world for  objecting to it.

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Jews back Muslims on minaret ban

Citing religious discrimination, a diverse coalition of Jewish organizations is objecting to Switzerland’s ban of minarets on local mosques.

Swiss voters this week approved by a strong majority a referendum outlawing the construction of minarets. The measure, pushed by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP), was supported by 57 percent of the population.

However, Jewish organizations, realizing that a crackdown on Islam could have repercussions for Jews as well, have come to the defense of Muslim worshipers, arguing that the Swiss’s move was unjustifiable.

Rabbi Pinchas Dunner, executive director of the Conference of European Rabbis, an Orthodox organization, said “a war on religious freedom cannot defeat Islamic extremists. The best weapon against radical Islam is support for moderate elements in the Muslim community and promoting interfaith dialogue.”

In contrast, the Anti-Defamation League tied the move to religious discrimination against Jews.

“This is not the first time a Swiss popular vote has been used to promote religious intolerance,” said the ADL in a press release. “A century ago, a Swiss referendum banned Jewish ritual slaughter, in an attempt to drive out its Jewish population.”

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  1. why jews have the advantage over Christianity(C) and Islam(I) in terms of individual achievement. jews have two advantages. one is to feel superior to C and I because because jews know C and I are offshoots of Judaism(J) and C and I know it and, logically, do not like to have ideas rejected by those who created the mother idea of the idea they practice. logically jews undertand the mind of C and Moslems (Mb better than the other way around. This is why J will always out think and out succeed C and I. fwrthermore both C and I stress humility and subservience to God. this can be seen in many ways, for example the way they pray; J pray standing sort of looking eye to eye to God, C pray kneeling and often with head bowed. M prostrate themselves…

    C and I preach humility, turnig the other cheek, God is everything humans áre nothing. J also has that but in a less extreme way. in side by side peaceful but ruthless competition who do you think will previl? right!

    this is why C and M place themselves in an intellectually weak position !in their own countries! with respect to Jews. Virulent antisemitism is the result. when a minority of J acquire a huge amount of money, power and influence in M or C society, sooner or later C and M become worried and even scared; “what are these J guys up to? They are not like us, we do not trust them.

    If AIPAC, JDL and WJC think they can suppress antisemitism forever, they are stupid as history shows over and over and over. The only thing keeping antisemitism in check is the psychological wall of guilt built by hollywood and the media and politicians after the Holocaust, but all is doing is building hate behind it, the further we are from the Holocaust the closer we are to the next one.

    Once that situation is reached it is only a matter of time until a demagogue or just a democratically elected government channels those feelings into expelling, discrimiating, killing the J as history shows over and over and over.

    Of course, overall, J are not smart either. If so, they would be living in what would be the oldest, most prosperous, most civilized society. As history shows they are far from that. They lost their country to the Romans and to their own infighting and have since found themselves living at the mercy of others who systematically will kill them.

    Even now, only 75 years after the biggest massacre of J of all time, Jews have not managed to set up a safe secure country for themselves by themselves. Israel will last two minutes once US support collapses, either because. the US has collapsed as superpower or because the US massess, with or without demagogue turn on US Jews. The guilt Jews have been able to generate on C after the Holocaust is as safe a barrier to rest on as is thin spring ice to walk on.

    The solution to antisemitism is to abandon C and fully reconnect with the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Remember the ancient Greeks achieved and developed far more than ancient Jews in all fields; theater, literature,  mathematics, geometry, astronomy, engineering, medicine, sculpure, architecture, democracy and human dignity.  They did it because they did not have an all powerful god drilled into their heads, they were free thinkers fee of Torah dogma and myths.The ancient Greeks said to themselves: “us, humans will govern our affairs, not some priests in the name of the gods ,  not the interpreters of some book given by god with all the answers to the material and the spiritual. It is us by ourselves who must figure out us and the qniverse using reason, the material, the spiritual, the psychological”.

    It was impossible for the ancient Israelites to out smart the ancient greeks, in fact they did not.  Even the Romans were far ahead of the Jews, until they became so weak they converted to C.

    With decay and the greek idea of humans as solely responsible, forgotten, the conditions were ripe for the acceptance of the C-J version of humans and the universe; God is all, we are nothing, God has all the answers, they are in the Book, no need to think to figure out the world, the holy books have all the answers. Yes, the greeks had not done fully away with the gods but had. cut them down to size. Surely if greek intellectual and spiritual self reliance had not been abandoned in a few more generations they would have forgotten about the gods completely. And the World would have advanced in all fronts far more as well as avoiding the deaths of millions of Jews.

    The result was that Europe ended up being run by a theocracy that kept europe as interested in progress and using reason to figure things out as the Jews; nothing. Only when Europe reconnected with the ancient greeks in the Renaissance did we start to shake off the spiritual and intellectual yoke of C thought and the Church. Not without risk to life as Galileo and many others found out.

    Since them the Jewish-Christian god has been losing ground to reason but the job will not be done until humans, starting with the inheritors of Greek thought, the angloeuropeans, decide that only reason , only humans are responsible for figuring out ourselves and the world. Science is obviusly moving things along, but is is not enough the thought of humans at center stage and the obsolescence of God needs to be shared by all in the elite and more and mor of ordinary people.

    When that spiritual shift happens J will no longer have the intellectual advantage, they will be a minority without power because Jewish god-centered, god-controlled thinking can not compete with self reliant human centered thinking, putting human thought at the forefront. Then antisemitism will again essentially dissappear as it did with the ancient greeks and even romans. the romans prevailed over the jews, they did not care about the J God because the J did not outthink the Romans.

    So, the angloeuropeans, the inheritors of Greek thought must finish the job started in the Renaissance and deconvert fully from the alien God of Cristianity. The Jewish God is for the Jews, not for us. Cristianity is just as wrong an idea as communism, two Jewish failed ideas.

  2. Carlos,
    Thank you for an interesting polemic on the closer one gets to God, the more inhuman a person becomes, for the lowest will become boss they are told. Giving up their souls for a place in Heaven. The ‘brood of vipers’ spirit certainly raged and took over the camp when Jesus died and Mohammad lived.

    Last night an elderly Catholic I visit to check on weekly to see if he is ok, asked me why I would not go to a young man’s Confirmation. I often discuss Jesus’ teachings like those who, in a bad marriage having to remain as eunuchs and not divorcing. We then talked about the many people who came to the West and left wives and children behind. He said said all men had needs and he too taken a girlfriend. Here he was now alone. Wife in another country. His girlfriend alone too in some other place. Now, I have no difficulty with any man marrying as many wives as they can honor, to become above prostitutes, and afford to feed and clothe comfortably. What I do get pissed off about is high up in the church religious people dismissing that they can use women as candy bars and dispose of as they will. But hey, I grieved for the woman living somewhere on her own who put out love, and don’t actually expect too much from someone praying to all-purpose Jesus everyday, to find lost keys to gaining more wealth and to take their cup of life from them.

    He asked me why I would not go this young man’s confirmation this weekend. I made excuses but he kept pushing me. Finally I said the virgin birth and resurrection are paganism and so this young man needed to know there was a soul on the outside waiting for him should he ever want to get his own back.
    The horror on this man’s face was a sight for a Taliban to behold. He cut me from his heart. I may never be welcomed again.
    This soul-bottomy is the battle the Communists are fighting through the glory of seduction in Socialism. There will then be fe-men to the left and faux-men to the right. And the Christians praying that Jesus come again.

    A seven day old child will know more about life than they ever could.

    Dangerous times for the sane.

  3. God. Only the souless look for this infilling, cramming in what is not theirs to have, standing in their place adorned in symbols of manhood they do not have, and the women playing their part to look like a man and raise his jealousy.

    The World. Only the spiritless look for this infilling. Consuming even predictions of tomorrow to make sure of their footing. Men letting these women dominate so that they at least get their fix.

    Unless you are objective that these are traps laid for fools, your house will be conquered.

    Carlos: “… because Jewish god-centered, god-controlled thinking can not compete with self reliant human centered thinking, putting human thought at the forefront.”

    There is a delay, a slow-down of the brain, a dull wittedness in cross-referencing what is kosher or non-kosher. You see it too with politicians careful for walking between good-speak and hate-speak. They call it being minded. A program introduced into their brains, with life or death implications, growing and replacing neuron connections. All of them then, to a fault, became sexually incontinent as the brain collapsed to rely on the reptilian-brain reserves. Their discernment between children and adults is blurred as is between men and women. Alzheimers may be discovered to be one of the worlds most preventable diseases in the 21st century, just by having free-flowing healthy electrical sparks, and not those that became jaundiced.

    That they cannot keep up, caused the Jizya tax, and the higher wealth tax.

    The Enlightenment came when children were not indoctrinated.

  4. and the women playing their part to not look like a man and raise his jealousy.

    Hijabs and pouting can be found in the next isle.

  5. The Parrot sketch:
    “God is in you. God is in you. God is in you. God is in you. God is in you. Not around you, not above you. God is in you. God is in you.
    God is in you. Not from someone else, not from
    History. God is in you. God is in you. God is in you. When two become one then you will know.
    God is in you. God is in you. God is in you.”
    “Where’s God?”
    *knock at door*
    “We’ve been reading what you’ve been saying on the internet and hacking into people’s brains. This is illegal. However, we’d like to use your skills to make the system impenetrable to attacks of this kind, so we’ll give you a house with a well paid job and title as Priest. What do you say… or we just kill you now”

    “Allah The Merciful!”

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