Tots transformed into jihadists, courtesy Islamic Jihad Union, al-Qaeda

When I was a child I asked my mother if there was indeed a place called Hell and a Satan who lived there. She told me that they both did in fact exist, but not in the pictorial, fiery underbelly sense. Instead she said, Hell was a place on earth and the work of Satan was commissioned through humans void of any compassion, reason, empathy, tolerance or love.

Mighty big words for a youngster, but for any loving parent, human values to be taught to tots long before they are capable of fully understanding their broader context or good worth. Of all the stories that I have researched and covered on Islamist extremism, this one has brought me closest to those who would inhabit the pit of Hell and exist as Satan’s proxy. I now understand fully my mother’s words and as a mother myself, deplore anyone who would commit their children to dance for the Devil.

The following story comes from this Hell.

Grace for Vlad.

From The Sun U.K., courtesy TROP

Al-Qaeda tot stunt

Chief Investigative Reporter

Gun girl … child forced to pose with AK-47 rifle

A TINY girl aged barely two sucks her fingers in childish innocence – while grasping an AK-47 assault rifle almost as big as her.

The tot, in full Muslim dress, was made to pose with the weapon dubbed the “Widowmaker” as part of a sickening propaganda stunt staged by extremists of the Islamic Jihad Union, linked to al-Qaeda.

Harrowing ... youngsters wield terrorist rifles

Harrowing … youngsters wield terrorist rifles

The group – who target British and US troops from lairs on the Afghan border with Pakistan – also pictured the girl and five other toddlers with heavy weapons in front of a black Islamic flag.

Three boys aged five or six wield rifles in another chilling image posted online.

Link: Child Of Terror

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