Franken-mentary on Islam in Spain

I saw this short BBC clip that really pissed me off. They seemed to imply that Spain would be better off under another 700 years of brutal racist oppressive sharia law and Islamic rule. So I thought I would counter their post modernist BS with some facts. I really don’t see why the BBC should take people’s money by force and use it to lie to them about important things without at least we, the people, having the right to rebut.

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  1. Arab scholar Ibn Khaldun’s “”The Muqaddimah”written in 1377, described by Arnold J. Toynbee from the Observer as one of the greatest work of its kind, was a renowned historian who wrote before the inventention of printing and political correctness. Let me quote him verbatim :

    In the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and the obligation to convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force. Therefore, caliphate and royal authority are united in Islam, so that the person in charge can devote the available strength to both of them at the same time.

    The other religious groups did not have a universal mission, and holy war was not a religious duty to them , save only for the purposes of defense.

    I doubt any Muslim scholar will do aught but revere Khaldun. Ask them about him, let them sing his praises and ask them if he lied in this instance.

  2. This is a news clip as well, where the BBC are supposed to inform us of major events that have happened worldwide. That clip might originally have been viewed on the 10 o’clock news or BBC News 24.

    But I’m betting that there was no major event that occured in southern Spain to even make such a piece relevant; not news at all, just the BBC using money extorted from the British public, on the threat of jail for non payment, propagandising for Islam as they have done before.

    A couple of years ago in the 9 o’clock news (as it was then) they did a similar piece, from mecca on the haj. No significant event occured in mecca to justify such a piece. It wasn’t one of those years where hundreds died there in stampedes or floods or whatever which would justifiably constitute an event of international interest. Just the BBC propagandising for Islam, and they of course used the well worn phrase ‘Islam Is A Religion Of Peace’.

    They truly are a revolting organisation.

  3. One wonders if its not time to up the level of language. The CBC like the BBC seem to be attempting to create the news and reality with it rather than inform and allow people their right to make informed decisions for themselves. It is terrifying. Truly Orwellian. So now what can we do? Well certainly not watch it, or find every means to counter their propaganda, but perhaps actual protest is required. No democratic state should have a government mouth piece like the CBC or BBC. In fact their very existence is indeed undemocratic as they defy the definition of democratic institutions.
    We need to protest them. Write letters to government? Actual protests in front of their buildings? Refuse to pay the screen tax if you are in the UK and find some way of getting your information online perhaps if one can avoid the BBC licence fee somehow. I dunno. But something has to be done or all is lost. The smug faces of overpaid secure staff who went straight from pampered college life as good looking leftists to fat jobs at government orgs. like the BBC and CBC are so fantastically out of touch with the experience of the average person in our nations that they cannot possibly represent. They can only try and shape based on communist inspired social engineering and whether they know it or not. This of course, is hand in hand with Islam and has been so smashingly successful, that some Muslim groups are beginning to distance themselves from their natural leftist allies such as Choudery etc. Something has to be done. Any suggestions?

  4. One point that the BCC ignores while it broadcasts it dishonest stories with great bias is this….in Al-Andulsia, there WAS a coexistence between Muslims and Christians and Jews, UNTIL Wahabi-style Muslims following the call of violent takeover of the world came in from N. Africa and killed everyone, including Muslims who wanted to live in peace with non-Muslims. That ended the so-called golden era and until today, it has not returned. Though the BBC and Leftists try to push the narrative….violence in Islam was NOT a result of Israel’s re-birth of the West involvement in the Middle East. The violence that is so common in Islam today is the same that was exhibited in Southern Spain over 1000 years ago.

    If the BBC were honest (and all roads point to “NO”), they would be sure to include this. It wasn’t Christians or Jews that ended the Golden Age, it was Muslims themselves, and so the circle of violence, oppression, and cultural stagnation of Arabs continues.

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