Sudan: young girl lashed for knee lenght skirt

From MSNBC (amazingly) h/t Ted L

updated 8:42 a.m. ET, Fri., Nov . 27, 2009

KHARTOUM, Sudan – A 16-year-old south Sudanese girl was lashed 50 times after a judge ruled her knee-length skirt was indecent, her lawyer and family said in the latest case to push Sudan’s Islamic law into the spotlight.

The mother of teenager Silva Kashif told Reuters on Friday she was planning to sue the police who made the arrest and the judge who imposed the sentence, as her daughter was underage and a Christian.

The case will add fuel to a debate already raging over Sudan’s decency laws after this year’s high-profile conviction of Sudanese U.N. official Lubna Hussein, who was briefly jailed for wearing trousers in public.

Hussein, a former journalist who used her case to campaign against Sudan’s public order and decency regulations, is touring France to publicize her book about the prosecution. She had faced the maximum penalty of 40 lashes but was given a lighter sentence.

‘We all sat and cried’
Kashif, whose family comes from the south Sudanese town of Yambio, was arrested while walking to the market near her home in the Khartoum suburb of Kalatla last week, her mother Jenty Doro told Reuters.

“She is just a young girl but the policeman pulled her along in the market like she was a criminal. It was wrong,” said Doro.

Doro said Khashif was taken to Kalatla court where she was convicted and punished by a female police officer in front of the judge.

“I only heard about it after she was lashed. Later we all sat and cried … People have different religions and that should be taken into account,” she said.

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  1. Yes people have different religions but Sudan is now Dal Ar Islam…you had better get used to being whipped, beaten up and flogged.

    If you don’t like the idea of people getting stoned to death and having their limbs hacked off, or having to walk around as you pass by female ninjas on the street…like in the 7th century, move to Canada and join the 21st century.

  2. you haven’t been to Canada recently. Shopping centrers look like mosques and you cannot take a bus without seeing covered women.

  3. Canada is next. Hezballah no-go enclaves are growing in Montreal and will dominate before we know it. Au revoir Quebec. No need to feel threatened by the English culture.

  4. Eeyore, this is anecdotal but true. Regarding Montreal Hezballah… this is from some Jerusalem friends… a Syrian Christian who visited his sister-in-law in Montreal, was surprised to find her living in a large enclave, all women wearing the niqab, filthy conditions. He asked her “What the hell are you doing living here?” He noted that it’s not just Muslims but Hezballah, and who would recognize Hezballah better than a Syrian Christian and there is no love lost there.

    Kinda disconcerting, here in Western Canada it is hardly noticeable but I guess the crescent moon rises in the East.

    I will try and get more info on this.

  5. Please do. I can tell you that the Lebanese ‘Social Nationalist Party’ that uses a three pronged version of the Nazi swastika and shares all its most horrific dogma has strong Ottawa connections. They had offices here and some influence at one point. I believe Terry Glavin (one of Canada’s most brilliant and thorough journalists) is the man to read on that.
    The thing I find interesting is the sudden proliferation of Islamic dress and overt separation of Muslims from the rest of Canadian society out of all proportion to changes in demography. It is almost like suddenly the Islamic community instructed their followers to show that they are separate and Muslim at once. This is of course exactly how Sam Solomon explains procedure in his book, ‘Modern Day Trojan Horse’ an examination of the ‘Hijra’ or immigration jihad.
    As to Hizbulah, I am quite certain that Iran has been funding massive cells throughout the Americas. I think the rule large parts of Latin America and have cells in Canada and the US and probably Montreal would be the #1 area for them. But I sure would love to have some video of the Islamic presence in Montreal in any case. It’s funny how when its across the world, people can ignore it. But when it is in the next neighbourhood over, one you typically don’t go to, people still ignore it as if it was on the other side of the world. I guess that is how they win.

  6. Dallas, if the arselifters are infesting Quebec, the solution is simple. When the secessionists call for another referendum, the rest of English-speaking Canada should vote YES.

  7. @Gary

    The problem is the westerners are not permitted to vote on the Quebec referendum. If that were the case they’d been gone long ago. They’re so worried about the English language corrupting their culture yet we have bilingual signs on every building and every product available has to be bilingual by law and nobody complains.

    I think (I could be wrong) that Arabic is already the second language of Quebec over taking English. They will only allow French speaking people to immigrate so most end up being from Muslim countries. They will favor any one that does not speak English; any other language will do. That’s how much they hate English.

    I hope they enjoy Islam and Sharia!

  8. When the “west” has finally committed “suicide” by political correctness gone mad, the islam cult and sharia will rule. Unfortunately, there are more muslim cults than Christian, you have the sunnis and shias who follow the hadiths, then you have the hanif and then all the other in between muslims. If the muslim cult becomes dominant, humanity will enter a new dark age. Each version on the cult will fight for dominance. Look what is happening now between the sunnis and shias. Bombs going off in mosques. Packistan, which is a muslim country, fighting muslim insurgents, both groups dying in the name of allah. The “cult of peace”? I do not think so.

  9. Still, Quebecers have a strong sense of identity, have clearly stated their dislike for “unreasonable accommodations”, and they seem to awaken to the Muslim fact in their midst. As in pretty much every other part of Western society the question is, will it be too little too late?

  10. I have often wondered why these people, who view themselves as devout believers and followers of their religion, act in such a barbaric manner, contradicting Islam, the religion they say to follow. Who cares if the girlvwore a “knee length skirt. She could have worn a swimsuit for all I care. If they view it in a dirty manner and can’t keep their dirty thoughts to themselves, rape will happen even if she was wearing clothes like it was -30 degrees. But if they were clean minded self controlling people, they would have gone about their buisness even if she was naked. Its ridiculous to blame it on the victim and even more ridiculous for other people to believe what they say.

  11. Even greater than their hatred for the West is their universal hatred for the idea of the equality of women. That is the common characteristic of Islam regardless of sect. They learn to hate women from birth – a cycle of abuse affecting a whole society. A whole society beyond psychiatric help – scary.

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