Italy bans some Islamic women’s coverings.

I am still not sure this is the right solution but one has to tip ones hat to Italy for at least having the raw temerity to attempt a solution, which means recognizing publicl that there is at least a problem, which is more than most nations do. H/T to Proud Kaffir, MEMRI and Islam in Europe:

At least this will pit sharia law against Italian law squarely. Let the games begin.

Italy Bans Niqab, Burka

The MEMRI Blog 26 November 2009

Italy has led the European countries by passing a law banning the wearing of Niqab or Burka [women’s head to toe covering] in streets or public places. Police are authorized to demand that the women remove it, and that they pay a fine for breaking the law.

Source: Akhbar Al-Khaleej, November 24, 2009 (…)

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  1. Terrorism: “The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.”

    How do the wearing of a burka or the toleration thereof on the part of the state not constitute terrorism? How is either even hypothetically legal under existing law?

  2. Im afraid I have to delete a comment, something I may have done once or twice since I started this blog, as I cannot allow advocating shooting people in sight because of what they wear. While there is a point in there somewhere, I simply do not want to be arrested and have that comment used as an excuse to shut down reasonable objections to Islam and leftism here. Please feel free to re make your point without that.

  3. Oh, but sanctioning terrorism and mass murder is okay, as long as nobody suggests preemptively shooting the mass murderer. Got it. How unfortunate that that cop shot Nidal Hasan instead of letting him unload all of his ammo on American soldiers. She was totally in the wrong, according to your line of logic.

    How about this?

    People who unarguably have imminent plans to murder people should be subdued by force. If law enforcement exists for any reason at all, that’s it.

    Also, did you know that facial whores rags of all sorts have been illegal in Italy since 1975 because the legislature came to the unavoidable conclusion that any citizen who covers his/her face in public could only hypothetically do so for the express purpose of committing an act of terrorism?

    Shooting people who plan to commit mass murder on sight is actually Italian policy and has been for almost 35 years. It necessarily has to be in order to not fall under the definition of a rogue state, i.e., a state which falters in upholding the UDHR.

    This resolution was passed in order to better enforce the law. Furthermore, all whore rags are legally considered terrorist garb in Italy, where Islam is recognized as a political movement and nothing more. You can’t wear swastikas, therefore you can’t wear their Arab prostitute equivalent, as it signifies murderous and seditious intentions and nothing more.

    Because Italians are sane like that.

  4. I never saw a facial whore rag in Italy and neither did you, since you’ve never been there. Not even a picture of one. Everyone made a big deal out of France banning the slave rag in school, but it was always banned in Italian schools. Anyone who seeks to undermine Italian culture will fail. Italians are like Jews. No matter what happens to them, they never forget who they are, they always survive, and they never lose themselves. That’s why they’re the oldest continuous culture in the West, even despite having not been a country until 1865.

    Also, you know that all the non-convict-converts are perpetual non-citizens who will eventually be forced to leave, right? Given the European nanny state, they don’t forget that for a second. Italy isn’t Sweden. Nobody gets asylum. Non-citizens (Muslims) don’t get welfare, either. A Moroccan has a better chance at learning to read than getting medical treatment for a gunshot wound to the head in Italy. They have huge boats which leave Sicily and return invaders to their cesspoolstans every day. Muslims can’t become citizens even if they legitimately marry (i.e., Judeo-Christian-style, as opposed to Islamic prostitution) Italians. Furthermore, most of the wannabe immigrants are Albanians, most of whom would happily become Christians to get a job as a dishwasher. They leave Albania to escape Islam, not to subdue us with it, having lived under communism and preferred it to Sharia.

    Don’t worry about Italy. This was a provocation to tell the EU to fuck off over their failed attempt at banning the crucifix. Expect more of the same from Italy until they leave the EU altogether, which I predict – mark my word – will happen within the year.

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