Geert Wilders: ““We Already Have Far Too Much Islam in the Netherlands and Europe”

Thursday, November 26, 2009 Thanks to GOV

“We Already Have Far Too Much Islam in the Netherlands and Europe”

by Baron Bodissey

Since today is Turkey Day, it’s only appropriate to post a few news items about Geert Wilders and his proposed close encounter with Turkey.

All of the articles below were translated by our Flemish correspondent VH. First, a recent op-ed from De Volkskrant written by Geert Wilders himself, expressing very definite opinions about the prospect of admitting Turkey into the EU:

Ten Times No To Turkey

Ten arguments why we should not take in the Turkish Trojan horse.

By Geert Wilders

Beginning on January I will go to Turkey as a member of a delegation of the parliamentary committee on European Affairs. My first visit to a Muslim country since the release of Fitna, now over a year and a half ago.

“They will murder you there”

In recent days I have received many e-mails: “Mr. Wilders, please do not go. They will murder you there or hand you over to Jordan.” I take the view that my security will be adequately arranged for and that the Minister of Foreign affairs, Maxime Verhagen — since he goes abroad more often than I do — will request and receive guarantees of the Turkish government that I will not be extradited.

Why do I go to Turkey? Because as an MP and political leader of virtually the largest party in the Netherlands I find it no more than reasonable to tell the Turks straight to their faces why, according to us, they should never become a member of the EU. Why the PVV the adage applies: Turkey in, Netherlands out!

I will first tell everyone that Turkey is an appreciated NATO ally and also that the PVV wants the Netherlands to maintain good relations with that country on political, military and economic fields. Both parties can benefit from this, but a good neighbor is not the same as a member of the family.

Why should Turkey not be allowed to become a member of the EU? Let me mention the ten most important arguments for this.

Firstly, Turkey is an Islamic country, most people there adhere to Islam, and the Islamic culture is dominant. The PVV does not want any expansion of the EU anyway, and especially not to include Muslim countries. For we already have far too much Islam in the Netherlands and Europe.

Secondly, Turkish membership of the EU will lead to more uncontrolled mass immigration into Western Europe. For decades in the Netherlands we have already have experienced the negative effects of immigration from Turkey, like the heavily over-representation of Turkish immigrants in almost all of the “bad” statistics.

More importation of the backward Islamic culture would be undesirable; our European culture is based on the Christian-Jewish and humanistic culture, and not on the Islamic culture. We are no cultural relativists. Western civilization is so much better than a culture based on Islamic imperialism and barbarism.

Thirdly, a Turkish EU membership will cost Europe billions of euros. Money that for certain has to be handed over by the Dutch taxpayers, since the Netherlands is one of the largest net contributors to the EU.

Fourth, Turkey in due time would have the largest population of the European Union. That implies that Turkey then also would supply most of the European Parliamentarians. Given the terrible reality that ever more EU legislation is imposed on the EU Member States — including on the Netherlands — this would mean that the Turks would gain more influence on Dutch lawmaking than the Dutch themselves.

Fifth, Europe should not want to border on countries like the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria, which would be the case if Turkey would join the EU.

Having borders on such bandit-countries is risky for European countries and unwise from a geopolitical viewpoint. It is by far preferable to have Turkey as a buffer between the East and the West.

Sixth: Over 95 percent of Turkey lies outside of Europe. A geographical fact. If we project from that and allow Turkey in as a non-European country, tomorrow perhaps other Muslim countries like Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia will be knocking the door.

Seventh, a Turkish EU membership would mean that the country must meet the so-called Copenhagen criteria that Europe demands of all its new members. Then the Turkish army would have to go back to their barracks, because that is what Europe demands. This normally is a very valid demand, but for Turkey I would with conviction have to make an exception on that.

The Turkish army in recent decades has proved very functional in deterring further Islamization of the political system in Turkey. The Turkish army is the greatest defender of the legacy of Kemal Ataturk, who compared Islam with a rotting corpse. Without the corrective role of the Turkish army, Turkey would already have been a second Iran by now.


– – – – – – – –

For that matter, this may still happen, given the increasing role of the hazardous Prime Minister Erdogan, who wants to further Islamize Turkey politically, step by step. This prime minister was once convicted for reading aloud a poem with the words: “Mosques are our barracks, domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets, believers our soldiers.” The Turkish army back in their barracks is the last thing that should happen. Turkey would continue to erode into an Islamic utopia, because radical Islamic politicians and political parties such as that of Prime Minister Erdogan would not be corrected and would then have free play.

Eighth, the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus is illegal. Nobody acknowledges the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, apart from Turkey itself.

Ninth, the treatment of Kurds and Christians in Turkey, which is far below all standards. It is unacceptable that the Armenian genocide is still not fully acknowledged. Only naïve European politicians who deny the eternal dominant character of Islam are thinking that a Turkish membership of the EU will bring improvement in this.

Last but not least. There is no basis of support whatsoever for a Turkish EU membership. Time and again polls show that a majority of the Dutch population is not at all keen about it. I am convinced that a referendum on this in the current EU Member States, in the vast majority of those countries, will result in a negative outcome for Turkey.

In brief: It is worthwhile to continue to invest in good relations with Turkey, but to make it a member of the EU is unwise. Let us never take in the Turkish Trojan horse.

Geert Wilders is the chairman of the Parliamentary fraction of the PVV.

The second article is from the PVV website, and concerns Turkey’s recently expressed reluctance to have Mr. Wilders pay a visit:

Turkey is changing its mind on Wilders’ upcoming visit

The Government of Turkey is changing its mind about the planned visit of a parliamentary delegation from the Netherlands to Turkey in early January 2009, because Geert Wilders is part of the group. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Dutch news-agency ANP that a discussion is ongoing about whether or not to allow entry to the PVV leader into Turkey.

The Turkish newspaper Aksam launched a story on the front page today about Wilders’ visit to Turkey. Also, the state broadcaster TRT reported about it. If Wilders really will take part in the delegation, then all doors to the government center in Ankara will remain closed for the delegation, Turkish media reported.

The paper relied on an anonymous source who said that Ankara has already informed The Hague [= Dutch Government] about its decision. It will be a matter of one thing or the other: Wilders in the group, or meetings with, among others, the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Davutoglu and Turkish EU negotiator. Ankara could not confirm this yet, and only wants to reveal that there are discussions going on about the visit.

Finally, from De Volkskrant:

Turkey: Wilders fascist and racist

The Dutch Parliament is saddled with their planned trip to Turkey early January. The Turkish authorities have indicated to the ANP newswire that the PVV leader and member of the Dutch Parliament Geert Wilders is not welcome in their country.

The spokesman for the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs called Wilders a “fascist and a racist” and said that nobody in the country wants to talk with him. It is not clear whether this means that Wilders will not be allowed in the country.

[From Hürriyet Daily News, “Turkish Foreign Ministry says far-right Dutch MP ‘unwelcome’ in Turkey”: “Far-right Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, a vocal enemy of Islam, is ‘unwelcome’ in Turkey, a foreign ministry spokesman said Tuesday following reports that the controversial politician plans to visit the mainly Muslim country. ‘We reject the racist views of this person. … He is unwelcome in many European countries as well,’ spokesman Burak Özügergin told AFP.”]

The Dutch parliamentary committee for European Affairs decided this Tuesday to go either with the full delegation or else not at all. The parliament also finds that the entire program [for the visit] must be carried out, thus with the usual reception by government authorities. That is what the leader of the delegation, Harm-Evert Waalkens (PvdA, Socialist) said. He is still waiting for an official confirmation of the messages and still wants to talk about it with the MPs.

If it is true that the Turkish authorities do not want to receive parliamentarians whom they don’t like, then Minister Maxime Verhagen [Foreign Affairs, CDA, Christian Democrats] should make objections, according to Wilders. He wants the minister to call the Turkish ambassador on the carpet to make clear that the Netherlands will not accept this. “This demonstrates that Turkey is not a democratic country and that it has nothing to do in the European Union.”

Wilders strongly denies that his visit to Turkey is a provocation. He points out that Turkey is an important issue in relation to the European ambitions. In 2007 Wilders did not participate in a visit by a parliamentary delegation to Pakistan and Afghanistan because of threats that were directed at him. That was shortly after the release of his film Fitna.

“I am not a fascist, nor a racist,” the PVV leader said. “The Turks have shown their true colors with those stupid words.” Wilders still hopes that will be allowed access to Turkey and can enter into a dialogue with the Turks

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3 Replies to “Geert Wilders: ““We Already Have Far Too Much Islam in the Netherlands and Europe””

  1. Sixth: Over 95 percent of Turkey lies outside of Europe. A geographical fact. If we project from that and allow Turkey in as a non-European country, tomorrow perhaps other Muslim countries like Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia will be knocking the door.

    Let us recall that admitting such countries is one of Britain’s foreign secretary’s David Dhimmiliband wettest dreams. It’s not like Wilders’s comments on this topic are a far-fetched prospect at all, but also something that has been shamelessly floated by Eurabia-enablers.

  2. As for Erdoganistan’s foreign minister, that scumbag has shamelessly stated on al-CNN that Israel shouldn’t fight back if attacked by Ham-ass or any other group linked to the A-rab squatters illegally occupying Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

    Too bad no one has asked that A-rab wannabe pig, or any other of Erdogan’s minions, why such a demand that Israel not fight back is akin to demanding that Turkey not do anything in face of attacks from the PKK. That would be an excellent opportunity to challenge them on their double-standards and hypocrisy.

  3. I know it’s been pointed out many times before but Islam is not a race. Moslems love the dopey left for this – Islam is a universalist cult; it intends to make us all Moslems or kill us. It is many things but it is not about race.

    To despise Islam is anything but rascist.

    I have no idea how anyone can dispute Wilders’ ten points.

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