Stratfor SITREP: Iranian airforce drills largest ever

November 22, 2009 STRATFOR
The Iranian air force has begun conducting the largest air defense drill in the Islamic republic’s history, Arabic-language Iranian news channel Al-Alam TV reported Nov. 22. The drills are aimed at testing Iran’s capability to repel an attack on the country’s nuclear facilities. The simulation will run through Nov. 26, and consist of three phases; a preparatory phase, a phase for detecting enemy aircraft which would be carrying out attacks or distorting electronic systems, and a phase for the Iranian air force to engage enemy aircraft.

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  1. If I think of how fewer than 200 Israeli tanks obliterated the living crap out of over 2000 Syrian ones during the Yom Kippur War, I know that armed forces under the control of disordered mahoundian minds sure ought to be no match for Israeli ones.

    As for what’s to come, I’d say that the mullahs must be shitting their robes, Israel will do itself and the whole Western world a favor (for which the latter will not thank the former, but will criticize it mercilessly instead) and Buraq Arafat Hussein Osama will rant, rave and cry like a one-year old being married off to an 80-year-old pedophile when his beloved Persian A-rab wannabes have been de-fanged.

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