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3 Replies to “Somali culture. Enriching isn’t it?”

  1. We need a scorched earth policy- wipe the Somali pirates off the face of the earth with drones, fire bombing, agent orange- whatever. If the British government (Labour) or Mr Hussein Obama had a backbone, this would be the perfect example to send to terrorists- we will decimate you- by any and all means.

  2. What is criticizing these “people” – and maybe saying monkeys behave/are better than them? Racism? I fortunately or unfortunately agree with Jeff, comment n. 1; what are they still doing on this Earth? Criminals and looters, with no Moral nor Ethics at all. I want to remember Somalia recently stoned (again) a woman for “adultery”? Last time it was a 13 years girl, raped by a gang, and accused of adultery (question: was she already married? To whom? A old grand-father alike disgusting man, who maybe even battered her?) – she got stoned (don’t forget: by a crow of “Allahu akbar” yelling people … sorry … Criminals, part of they very community). It is very frustrating not being able to shout these things direct on those Criminals’ faces, in order to keep “kind” and politically correct or to show Diplomacy? They are horrendous Criminals, toward themselves (see above mentioned women/girls) and with others – us -. This is worst than Intolerance, and we are tolerating it or treating it with velvet gloves? Shaaame! On us, on everyone (who rewards him/herself a human Being, not a beast).

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