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4 Replies to “Speech by Kent Ekeroth, Sweden, Oct 18 2009 Islam and Europe.”

  1. 1. Excellent suggestion. I did indeed make part 2 a response to part 1. It is one of the things that annoy me about youtube, the ten minute limit. However sevenload, which also has better quality video and audio and no time limit, closed my account and lied about why. The real reason being, I have videos which mock Islam and mohamed. Very scary thing I believe.
    2. I do not think it is out of the question that Kent gets invited sooner or later to speak to American and hopefully Canadian legislators in one capacity or another. More and more groups are forming with a greater sense of urgency and more influence to deal with the threat that is Islam to our freedom of speech and to our culture and laws overall.
    Kent best of luck to you. Please let us here at Vladtepesblog know if there is anything we can do for you. Certainly video editing and subtitling is our pleasure to do. Let us know if there are other speeches or video clips that the ‘Anglosphere’ should see.

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