Venezuela to ration water in Caracas

Here is the Stratfor SITREP:

Venezuela: Water In Caracas To Be Rationed
October 29, 2009
Venezuela said Oct. 29 that a water conservation program for Caracas will begin Nov. 2 and will last six months, El Nacional reported. The program may include rotating water shutoffs of up to 48 hours at a time. Government officials have stated that the current water shortage was due to a lack of rainfall caused by El Nino and wasteful use by Caracas residents

The real reason, is almost certainly groteque financial mismanagement and its lack of attendance to infrastructure. I personally have been to Venezuela many times. It is or rather was, a nation of plenty. Chavez may hold the record on how fast command and control impoverishes a state as well as actually destroys the very landscape itself.  I hope Obama is watching closely and not just saying “We can do C&C correctly.”

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