Coren discusses the Toronto imam with Tarek Fatah

You have to endure about 40 seconds of the imam ranting on but then a good analysis of what he said and more importantly what he meant by Tarek.

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  1. Salaam alaykum, I think you all need to get yur facts right before you can talk about islam, The Holy Quran and it’s values. The quran does not at any point talk about killing the Jews or the Christians. They are all the people of the book and we all respect them. However, the Quran even talks about how much mercy Allah showered on these people, why do you not bring that up. No one seems to talk about the real meaning of the word Jihad. it is a constant struggle

  2. Ah! The Mecca and Medina game! One of my favorites. The one where Mohamed said a bunch of relativly benign things when he lived amongst the actually quite decent Meccans in Mecca, and even early one after he moved back to yathrib and he was trying to put at ease the Jews who built that city, before he slaughtered them like goats and fucked their daughters and wives. Remember the Jewish wife Mohamed had? The one where he murdered her husband, son and father in front of her then ‘married’ her and raped her that night? Koran and hadith is full of kill the pagans wherever you find them and koran even advises to treat the Muslim who will not do the hijra as an infidel, as it is so important for Muslims to migrate for the purpose of spreading Islam by stealth, treachery, and the sword where possible. You think the flag of Saudi Arabia looks like it does just cause the ink spilled that way? Don’t make me cite chapter and verse. I can and I will. So stop embarrassing yourself.

  3. Sister Zahra, I suggest you speak to the terrorists who use the word jihad freely to describe holy war against the infidel, boasting of violent jihad. If anyone has ‘hijacked’ Islam, it is Muslims themselves who spend an inordinate amount of time terrorizing and slaughtering fellow Muslims.

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