Trailer for new film causes riots in Denmark

From Snaphanen

translation from Jyllands Posten:         “Big brothers stopped riot”

Police had to use pepper-spray on a group of youth in Tinbjerg last night. But to the suprise of the police, the trouble was stopped by “big brothers”.

It all started around 20.30 pm, when a group of 15-20 immigrant boys made barricades of containers filled with gasoline.
However they did not succeed in lighttening them, before there was a massive police presence.

The atmosphere was heated and  police had to make two arrests.  Police found two firearms with sharp bullets and a  knife.  More  youngsters adjoined, the atmosphere grew even more tense, when big brothers appeared at the scene. In a mater  of minutes peace was restored, and the  youngsters were send home. Its very unusual for big brothers to stop trouble. “I have  only witnessed it once  before” a police constable says.

In the  area around Sjælør Boulevard there was trouble also. A goup of immigrant boys threw stones while shouting “fuck Denmark”. Police has a theory, as to why it all started. “There  has been this program on Al-Jazeera, and we cannot rule out, that that was the reason.

The program appears to be referring to the imminent release of a film made by the son of a Lebanese Muslim immigrant to Denmark, an immigrant to whom the state gave everything and in return, the son appears to have made a ighly inflamatory documentary about how racist and awful Denmark is to Muslims.

Trailer below:

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