Evidence for Obama’s worthiness for peace prize presented.

Many of our readers I’m certain are skeptical of Barack Obama’s worthiness for the Nobel Peace prize and for good reason. After all, well he hasn’t really done anything yet. However the committee out of Norway has at last sent us video evidence not so much of Obama’s achievements as much as for the first time, the Nobel Peace Prize’s actual criteria for judgment.

Below, the peace prize has granted us the first ever look at the committee in session. At last, the prizes awarded for the past number of years makes clear sense.

Thank you very much Nobel committee member ‘Grace’ for sending me this videotape.

For more evidence of Obama’s worthyness please see this clip from PJTV

BREAKING NEWS! Barack Obama wins 100 meter sprint in 2012 Brazil Olympics!

Rumour has it that B.O. Also won the gold in several new sports not announced as of yet!

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  1. Thing that baffles me is B O would have to be nominated for the peace prize by Feb 1st. So in the first 12 days as president he impressed the selection committee quite a bit. Can’t really remember him doing much during that time. This all goes to show what a sham the whole thing is.
    Perhaps this will be B O’s claim to fame, exposing the Nobel Peace Prize for what it really is. A popularity contest for leftards and socialists.
    Yay Barry.

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