US reassigns Pentagon cash to make better bunker buster

I wonder what these could possibly be for. Right before the Iraq war, the US made the famous MOAB’s for the purpose of getting to hardened underground bunkers of Sadam’s. Now STRATFOR offers us this:

U.S.: Pentagon Readjusts Spending
October 6, 2009
The Pentagon is shifting spending to accelerate the development of a bunker-busting bomb called the Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP), ABC reported Oct. 6, citing a 93-page “reprogramming” request from the Pentagon comptroller sent to the Senate last summer. The comptroller said the Pentagon plans to spend $68.4 million to accelerate procurement and integration for four of the bombs with the B-2. The request has been approved, and McDonnell Douglas was awarded a $51.9 million contract Oct. 2 to build it. The request said the Defense Department has an “urgent operational need” to strike deeply buried targets in high-threat environments. The Pentagon asked Congress for $88 million in October 2007 to develop the MOP, designed to hit targets 200 feet underground.

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