More on the riots of Sept 11th Harrow Mosque UK

Later this evening I will try and analyze a number of these videos and articles and see if a cogent picture cannot be made of this event. The two stories are, the event itself, and the disinformation the UK Government seems intent on propagating. Amazingly, the BBC in one video, appears to have actually told the facts as most present saw it. They still attempted to defuse blame for any violence onto those not actually present, but at least they told who was there, who was not, and who did what. I will post that non-embeddable video later but for now, I want to present this one as it shows the mindset of the Muslims quite clearly. This pep talk should be taken very seriously. This is not, a ‘reasonable’ group of people.  h/t Gates of Vienna:

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  1. I have recently been listening to Joss Ackland read “Fortress Malta” by James Holland. The courage shown by the Brits and the Maltese as they endured the second “great siege” in the island’s history was something to behold.

    The first “great siege” occurred in 1565, when the Knights of St. John together with the locals fought the forces of Islam, marshalled by Sulieman the Magnificent, to a standstill. The Knights finally sent the Muslims homeward, to think again.

    It defies belief to see our political leaders deny the obvious truth – that Islam has been the mortal enemy of the West since it’s very inception. And it has taken real courage, and real sacrifice, in order to defeat that enemy whenever it has tried to colonise Europe, and bring us all under Islam’s iron heel.

    Not only are our leaders denying history, they are perverting it. The men and women who stood against the Nazis in WWII were awarded the George Cross. But now, if anyone stands up for their own country against the age-old enemy of Islam – and make no mistake, it takes real courage to do so openly – they are immediately told they are guilty of moral failure!

    Not only is this an entirely unwarranted insult to the people it’s aimed it, it is a betrayal of the men and women who have gone before. Who have shown the courage and sacrifice that is needed, in order to defend our freedoms from the alien force that is Islam. The soldiers who fought on our behalf throughout WWII, in Malta and elsewhere, didn’t do so in order to see the black flag of Islam flyin on the streets of Great Britain.

    And yet, turn on Sky News today and that is precisely what we see. Not only that, we have the absurd sight of a government minister standing in front of the camera saying “multiculturalism works”.

    George Bush was criticised for being a “warmonger” but if he really had been, the entire Islamic world would have been a nuclear wasteland on September 12th, 2001.

    The similarities between the forces of Islam and the pre-WWII Japanese culture are striking. The belief in their own superiority, indoctrination of children, death cults, suicide bombers, the ritual beheading of prisoners. Once we had the technical know-how, we finished Japan in days. And they rebuilt their society in a non-religious manner, and flourished as never before. If we’d treated the Islamic world as the implacable enemy it always has been throughout its history, then Muslims would know their true place in the world. Under our heel. Israel would be safe. And what was once the “Islamic world” be well on the way to recovery by now. The whole world would be a much better place.

    Bush and Blair both made consequentialist arguments for invading Afghanistan and Iraq. But that was just words. The pair of them didn’t have the stones to abandon their theistic notions of morality, and really adopt a consequentialist form of moral thinking. If they did they would have acted accordingly.

  2. Hey those racist folks are just going to go and pick on isolated singles in a area heavily crowded by them, they have to resort to even robbing own their grannies , they must of felt full of shame when they never even got near the mosque, lol. they must of been singing racist songs on the bus on the way there, and then went back with their tails tucked behind their legs, making excuses, lol. But it was was wrong to fight them, they are all just poor folks just about on the breadline, with single mothers, with 7 kids, who have seven dads, all on benefits.

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