Democracy and rule of law dead in England? Legal protester arrested, violent Muslims allowed to rampage

According to a Vladtepesblog source in the UK, the EDL, who had a legal right to protest the opening of a giant mosque in London today, was arrested to keep the peace, while over 1000 nearly entirely Muslims who are physically preventing people from joining the protest, are being allowed to continue to do so, unimpeded.

Pics and video from KGS at Tundra and others! thank you all

From our contact:

At this moment Stephen Gash is being told by a senior sergent of the police to call off the demonstration in Harrow. He has been arrested to prevent a breach of the peace…

More than 1000 mainly muslims are gathered infront of the SIOE demonstration and they stop people to attend the demonstration.

If you are on your way to the demo, don’t go, it’s being called off right now. The police can’t handle the muslim counter demonstraters. The senior sergent said that he doesn’t want any of his policemen killed.

Most of the print stories I am reading are spinnning the story to make the British people appear to suffer from advanced rabies. The fact remains, the EDL and SIOE have legal permits to protest the mosque, and it is they who are being arrested and the violent Muslim counter ‘demonstration’ who are being allowed to continue unmolested by the law.

No video as of yet but no doubt there will be hours and hours of it soon. I will post as I get it.



In the video below, listen to the dhimmi news reporter accuse the organizer of the anti Islamic protest of inciting violence because of the likely Muslim reaction to it. This is utterly disgusting. The next step is now clear. TV reporters will accuse women who do not wear a burka of causing their own rape.

Here we see some members of the religion of peace throwing a few stones at people

Check out the flag in this one, I am told it is the ‘Al Queda flag’
It looks a bit like this: Al Qaeda flag

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9 Replies to “Democracy and rule of law dead in England? Legal protester arrested, violent Muslims allowed to rampage”

  1. I saw al-CNN International’s coverage of yet another episode of caving in to mahoundian demands for the sake of “community cohesion” or, as those who arrested Stephen Gash said, to “prevent a breach of the peace.”

    Which peace? Hordes of mahoundians and ‘anti-fascists’ running around, just waiting to start trashing the whole place while screaming “allah (the imaginary) hu akbar”? That’s certainly far, far from any Western notions of what peace really is.

    The worst of all was to see Fionualla Sweeney describe the planned anti-mahoundian-supremacism rally as “a racist demonstration”, as though mahoundianism were a race. Simply repulsive.

  2. Remember Urumqi, the uighur mobs running around killing innocent non-muslim ! Yet, their “beloved” lady leader with the help of some western media running around throwing out some monkey shows saying the uighur is the victim !…So, face it, this is how these muslim works

  3. And I was criticised on this website some time ago for suggesting that there would be riots in the streets if things kept on going the way they were … I have a funny feeling that things will get worse before they get better. And by that I mean the authorities will betray the very people they’re supposed to represent, and whose interests they are supposed to protect. I should say, the authorities will keep on betraying the very people they’re supposed to represent …

  4. Has anyone read Max Hastings’ rather chilling essay in the paper the other day? See link.

    Who’d have thought that Mohammad would be the third most popular boy’s name in England eight years after 9/11?

  5. Niccolo where please were you criticized? I’d like to see the post if you have the URL. It is hard to believe that any writer for Vlad wouldn’t see rioting in the streets in the UK as a likely scenario.
    My big issue is the fact that the police seem to be very close to enforcing sharia law due to pure fear of the Muslims as well as government. Forcing sharia in the sense that the legal protesters wh had a permit and were non violent are arrested while I doubt the police did much if anything to the thousand Muslims many of whom are reported to be throwing rocks etc.

  6. As a practising Muslim, I can’t but feel sorry for the right-wing group. For they certainly undermine the true picture of the UK, a place in which I have shortly resided. And honestly was treated very kindly there by belongers to all faithes. People like Gash represent a minority of Britons, I’m certain.

    SIOE is a shame , it’s very title is so (well not racist) offending. It’s Ausländerfeindlichkeit (xenophobia) is superfluous. The blind hatred this group’s very name bears is disastrous. Such a title could be also read; throw out all the muslims of europe, or europeans don’t buy from muslims ( did you forget Deutsche Kauft nicht bei Juden).

    The fascists and Nazis of yesteryear have not stopped shitting around, obviously.

  7. I. H. Khan, you’re a “practicing mahound-worshipper”, huh? Of course you wouldn’t feel sorry for anyone trying to stop you or anyone else from replacing democracy and human rights with sharia and 7th-century barbarism. The West wouldn’t have achieved all of its intellectual, scientific, social and political progress if it had surrendered to your misogynistic, intolerant, violent, supremacist, racist especially against black people, anti-Semitic, Hitler-loving (to really speak about who the real nazis here are), child-molesting, hypocritically homophobic inbred bedouin savage sick little cult. And that’s why we’ll keep doing what we can to alert those that truly care about the far superior, far-better-than-anything-mahoundianism-could-ever-offer Western values of the threat that the political ideology you follow poses to all of us in the civilized (non-mahoundian, that is) world. Because we won’t just sit and wait for you to impose that imaginary alter-ego of your piece-of-shit imaginary pedophile “prophet” upon all of us. That simply won’t happen; and, sadly for you, more and more people are becoming aware of what you and your fellow mahound-worshippers are truly up to.

    Yeah, dhimmi Britain’s political elites doing what they can to appease those of your ilk sure might make you glad for now about the removal of yet another obstacle to the spread of your Mein-Qurampf-based turbaned bedouin nazism. But the fact that, again, more and more people are becoming aware that we can no longer take the freedoms of our far superior civilization for granted, due to what our political elites are doing to surrender it on a silver platter to intolerant savages like you, surely means we’re not going down without a hell of a fight (if we’re ever to go down at all, despite whatever your Mein Qurampf might assure you about “victories” in the name of your imaginary allah in the fight to “opensewerize” or “Somalia-lize” the entire planet.)

  8. I.H.KH- I urge you to go to Islam4UK’s web site and read any article they write. It is clear that they intend to completely convert the United Kingdom and all Britons including non-Muslims to Islam.

    It should come as no surprise that there are many Britons including some Muslims who do not want the isles to be forced into submission to Allah and when governments continue to appease the increasing encroachment of Islam on society, people will fight back to retain their heritage, values, and traditions. There is no sane person living in any western nation who would choose to renounce a system based on individual freedoms in exchange for a totalitarian theocratic system that grants them next to none.

    This group does not undermine the true face of the U.K., they are merely representing what Britain has become; a nation now steeped in bitter and increasingly violent clashes between Christians and Muslims, where the Muslims, under the guise of reacting to “racism”, are engaged in a war of occupation bent on the total domination of the British Isles.

    There are 85 sharia courts which operate openly in the U.K. and demands for Islamic law confront every western nation today. Many, including writers of this post, predicted long ago this outcome and were worried then, as now, that revolts such as these would take place. Sadly, it is the natural outcome when governments charged with representing the people and upholding long held values, instead abandon them both.

  9. Vlad,

    That was ages ago now, I’d said that if things kept going the way they were, then we could end up with riots in the streets. Someone else said I was “fantasising”. In a certain sense this is correct; if one makes any kind of prediction, about anything, then one is using one’s imgination to generate thoughts about a future state. (As opposed to relying on one’s senses to record what has already happened.) But that’s enough philosophyspeak. The thing is: some people thought this couldn’t happen. Well, it’s starting.

    A key issue here, as you say, is the way the police are afraid to do their job properly. If you check out Lionheart’s blog you’ll see that he received an Osman warning recently, and the bobbies were afraid to tell him who it was that had threatened his life!

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