Danish party creates stir by asking for referendum on giant Iranian Mosque

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The following is a machine translation of a Danish article, to which I will attempt to smooth out the English. If any of our Danish readers wish to go to the original linked above and correct any errors on my part in the comments, I would be grateful.


DF requires a referendum on mosques in Copenhagen. It is an inappropriate attempt to undermine religious freedom, says conservative mayor.

Wednesday 9th September 2009, 06:39

The Mayor of Copenhagen is shocked that the Danish People’s Party today have published advertisements in several dailies in which the party calls for a referendum on mosques in Copenhagen.

It happened after a majority of city hall, on August 27, agreed to have a draft prepared for a local plan for a mosque in Copenhagen’s northwest neighborhood.

Danish Mosque image sword roof ‘I do not care about the campaign. We have freedom of religion in Denmark, and if you try to put obstacles in the way of Muslims gathering in mosques, I think it undermines religious freedom, “he told Metro.

Also, the radical technology and environment mayor Klaus Bondam turn toward the ad. “The Danish People’s Party think they can get votes by runing smear campaign against Muslims in this town. I am sure that most in Copenhagen, as I will, shake their heads and flip past the ads knowing that the DPP based their policies on xenophobia and fear of the constitutional freedom of religion.”

Several legal experts told Metro that there are no legal problems to implement a referendum on mosques in Copenhagen.

Mayor Mogens Lønborg believe that the ad showing the blue mosque in Istanbul with a manipulated image of a sword at the dome, is inappropriate.

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