One day a year, Muslims should have a ham sandwich and a beer.

Why not. For at least one day a year, Muslims who actually move to ‘infidel lands’ cause presumably the dumps they came from were unpleasant for them, so they moved here, should try and understand our way of life. They should have a ham sandwich, a beer, and they should do so with a Jewish woman with whom they should treat with respect or as an equal, whichever is the greater. Better, they should do this every day of the year every year. But why not at least one day a year so they can understand we poor Kufar that they saw fit to move in with and as often as not, take our social benefits. Instead of this freaking travesty from the UK:

Boris Johnson: ‘fast during Ramadan to understand Muslims’

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has encouraged people to undergo a day of fasting to help them gain a better understanding of their ”Muslim neighbour”.

Published: 11:35AM BST 04 Sep 2009

Boris Johnson: 'fast during Ramadan to understand Muslims'
Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has encouraged people to undergo a day of fasting to help them gain a better understanding of Islam Photo: REUTERS

Speaking during a visit to the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre he said Muslims in the capital were ”challenging traditional stereotypes” to show they wanted to be part of the mainstream.

Mr Johnson’s visit coincided with the holy period of Ramadan in which participating Muslims fast from dawn until sunset.

”Whether it’s in theatre, comedy, sports, music or politics, Muslims are challenging the traditional stereotypes and showing that they are, and want to be, a part of the mainstream community,” he said.

”That’s why I urge people, particularly during Ramadan, to find out more about Islam, increase your understanding and learning, even fast for a day with your Muslim neighbour and break your fast at the local mosque. I would be very surprised if you didn’t find that you share more in common than you thought.

”Muslims are at the heart of every aspect of society. Their contribution is something that all Londoners benefit from. Muslim police officers, doctors, scientists and teachers are an essential part of the fabric of London.

”Islamic finance is contributing to the economy by changing the way Londoners invest, save, borrow and spend. There are valuable lessons that people of all backgrounds can learn from Islam such as the importance of community spirit, family ties, compassion and helping those less fortunate, all of which lie at the heart of the teachings of Ramadan.”

Earlier in the day Mr Johnson got into a spot of bother after calling a radio DJ ”a great big blubbering jelly of indecision”.

He was being interviewed by Nick Ferrari on London radio station LBC 97.3 over the ongoing row over who runs the Met. One of his deputies had told the Guardian newspaper that the Conservatives in the capital now had their ”hands on the tiller” of Britain’s biggest force.

The mayor insisted the quotes had been over-hyped but following repeated questioning from Mr Ferrari about whether he had ”admonished” the deputy in question Mr Johnson blurted out his remark.

Mr Johnson had earlier told the programme: ”Sir Paul Stephenson, as everybody knows is in full operational control of the Met and has been ever since his appointment and does a first class job.”

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7 Replies to “One day a year, Muslims should have a ham sandwich and a beer.”


    I voted for Boris – never would have thought that he’d come out with such utter drivel.

    It’s the holiest day of the Jewish year later this month: Yom Kippur. We fast for 25 hours. Will Boris be suggesting that non Jews join us…?

    I think not.

    It’s only Muslims that we apparently need to ‘understand’.

    This ongoing dhimmitude is APPALLING.

  2. This moronic dhimmi should instead have had a look at this, just to see for himself how this retardan (not ramadan) nonsense affects the already rock-bottom productivity of mahoundistan’s insh’allah-sluggish economies.

    By the way, before retardan is out, I’ll e-mail Eeyore and Jdamn a little something about my own first-hand experiences in Dar al-mahoundianism during this time of ever-increasing madness (as though the lunacy of inbred bedouin savages needed anything else to make it even crazier.)

  3. ”That’s why I urge people, particularly during Ramadan, to find out more about Islam, increase your understanding and learning…”

    I’ve got to say that on this particular subject I agree with that dipstick. Please Londonistaners, please go read Mein Qurampf, especially Sura 9, so that you really can fully understand the threat that the inbred bedouin savage, mahound-worshipping little cult poses to human rights, democracy, science, the arts, women’s rights, gay rights, equality of all people before the law, religious freedom, literacy, critical-thinking, skeptical-inquiry, property rights, the criminalization of both pedophilia and slavery (which are legal and encouraged in mahoundianism), and a whole lot more.

  4. On Proud Kaffr’s second comment. I would like to offer this bit of experience as a Canadian who is a dog in this fight. When I speak to people about this issue, it takes a long time before the average white liberal becomes aware that Islam is a problem in terms of a philosophy and behavior miscible with western values and social norms. The other day, I was speaking with a women who very recently came to realize that perhaps Islam was a threat to her as a Jewish women. When I mentioned the Islamic penchant for pedophilia, she got angry with me. The fact is, it is dificult and takes time before people can come to the realization that Islam in some cases, and with some of Kafir’s adjectives in all cases are really true. That Mohamed did marry a six year old and while he may not have had vaginal intercourse with her till she was nine, he most certainly had sexual relations with her from six on. That Islam encourages first cousin and uncle neice reproduction, most certainly causing the largest number of birth defects due to inbreeding in the world even according to the WHO even though they are careful to claim it is not due to Islam so much as Bedoin tribal customs, which are Islam, and doesnt explain Pakistan which has the same problem and the rest of the Muslim world.
    All this to say, that to the unstudied, Proud Kafir’s statements seem like rabid insane hysterical nonsense and they would have to me two years ago as well. I am here to say now, that each and every one of Proud Kafir’s adjectives about Muslims can be backed up with documents from medical assn’s, from western statistics compiled with the best scientific methods, and from Islam’s own texts and a look at the Islamic world.

  5. Eeyore, your comment has actually reminded me of one more aspect of the fight against mahoundianism which also plays a role of paramount importance in defining what we’re up against: Western vs. mahoundian/arab epistemology, something I first came in contact with by reading Raymond Ibrahim’s essays on the topic.

    While mahoundians sure have no excuse for trying to portray their sexual habits with girls who might not even be old enough to be in middle school as anything but pedophilia to Western audiences, we’ve seen jihad often described as “struggle against injustice and oppression.” In an essay posted not too long ago at Pajamas Media, Raymond Ibrahim noted that, while from a Western perspective fighting against injustice and oppression can be viewed as noble ideals, “injustice” to the hollow space known as the mahoundian mind is equal treatment of men and women before the law; by the same token, “oppression” is viewed by mahoundians as the lack of laws in Dar al-Harb placing mahoundians in a position of superiority and supremacy over human beings (also known as non-mahoundians.) These are just two examples of something that we’re quite familiar with, the fact that mahoundians absolutely don’t think like us at all; that they’re minds are diametrically opposite ours in so many ways, due to how mahound-worshipping has wrecked them for centuries on end. And this aspect of the fight for the survival of the West and its traditions of democracy and human rights is something that, due to the fact that way too many people have no clue whatsoever about it, sure makes a more thorough understanding of our enemies by all of those on our side something that still needs a lot of work in order to be accomplished.

  6. Here’s my suggestion to Mayor Johnson’s cultural understanding initiative: For one day a year, Muslims should go to the pub for a pint, eat a ham dinner complete with a jellied salad, crack some jokes, laugh, don a bikini at the beach, listen to the Stones, read the comics without filing a lawsuit, view the Renaissance nudes at the Tate, wear a mini skirt with some leather knee-boots, respect a gay, toss the burqua, watch couples kissing in public, tip a scotch, shop at Harrod’s for perfume and lingerie, shave, be nice to a Jew and go to a Church. This would go far to understand their Christian neighbours.

  7. “Be nice to a Jew” sounded trite and in no way did I mean to be flip; As a Catholic, I’m happily married to a Jewish man, so let me correct: be nice to a Jew, if you can.

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