Bill Warner’s audio self study course on Islam.

Here is a 4 part self study course in audio on political Islam. This claims to be the first actual course on Islam and knowing that it is Bill Warner, if it isnt the first one it is most certainly the best one. Bookmark this link as a resource we all need. From the webpage:

Warner Lectures

Foundational Lectures on Political Islam by Bill Warner

Bill Warner, one of the foremost scholars of Political Islam, and the history and doctrine of the so-called “religion of peace” has kindly given ACT West Nashville permission to post these superb lectures.

Few are doing the work that Mr. Warner has done. The information contained in these lectures is fundamental to understanding what is happening in the world today, and why Islam is in conflict with us though we would prefer it not to be so.

Our preferences and opinions are not relevant; what is important is that we learn as much as we can about the doctrine of Islam, the foundational documents of Islam that drive the conflicts of the past, present, and into the future.

Understanding the doctrine of Islam is critically important if we are to defend our country, our friends, our way of life and our democracy from the brutality and cruelty that is Islamic totalitarianism. Islam is a unified political, religious, military, cultural, legal system, an all-encompassing ideology of existence. According to Islam all peoples, all countries, all cultures must be Islamic; no other option is acceptable.

For those who are not interested in becoming Islamic, and do not want to live under the harsh and intollerant Islamic law that is called Sharia and who prefer a different way of life Islam is an active and brutal existential threat.

The high cost of Islamic conquest through jihad is in the hundreds of millions of lives since the founding of Islam by Mohammed 1400 years ago in the Arabian desert. Jihad continues today. War is upon is, our opinions are not relevent; only what we know matters.

Knowledge is the foundation of our response. Without knowledge we cannot understand nor respond. The information you will learn in these lectures is not taught in any university or discussed from any pulpit. This is the hidden history that moves the world today and has for the last 1400 years.

We must break through the darkness of ignorance and into the light of knowledge and understanding. With these lectures, you will understand.

-D. L. Adams

Important Technical Note:

These are substantive lectures. Each one can be up to half an hour long. When you listen to streaming audio as you will with these files, the audio file “buffers” before it can play. This means that it is uploading from the host to your browser for you to access. Please allow a moment for the file to upload/buffer. Also, play one file at a time. Do not click to the next lesson until the previous lesson has finished playing. If you click multiple files, you will likely encounter difficulty in listening to the files as each file will buffer simultaneously. As these are large files, your bandwidth usage will increase, and your browser performance will be negatively effected if you attempt to run multiple lectures. So, please listen to each lesson one at a time.  Thank you, and enjoy these excellent lectures. When you’re finished listening, you will know more about Political Islam than most. -Blog Admin

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