Vladtepesblog violates it’s own policy of non partisanship for this video

What can I say, given who is saying this stuff and it’s implications and consequences right or wrong, it should not be ignored. Some components of the left view Islam as it’s ‘Hayekian’ strong man, a tool to destroy the current system of capitalism, rationalism, and Greek and Roman intellectual heritage that has withstood all attacks on it so far. Islam is the best bet a failed economic and social system has to do its dirty work. So when David Horowitz suggests Obama really does have a radical agenda and actually means it when he says he will “fundamentally transform America” we should pay attention.

Here is the whole show. In this, Glenn Beck deals with the issue of ‘Tzars’, something I find needs clarification.

Link: GlennBeckFriday2009 09 04

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