For a literate people, Jews may want to learn to read ‘wall writing.’

After subtitling this video I may have had the darkest insight I have ever had. Millions of Jewish and other people died in Nazi concentration camps partially because of a refusal, perhaps, to read that writing on the wall, writing now again all over Europe’s walls, in bold Arabic script.

From Hoek Van Holland: Translation by V.H. and project organized by the good Barron at Gates of Vienna.

This was a party sponsored by government. A dance and community event. The governments reaction to the violence and shooting of a person by police was to promise never to hold any event like this again.

Civilization takes another major hit.

For a good description of this event, Please visit Gates of Vienna. Much more information there. There has to be a word for what Holland is these days. In the video below, you can clearly see the plain clothes police shoot their way out of this awful situation.

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  1. Good post, but I’d like to address one comment you made. The Holocaust did not happen because Jews failed to read the writing on the wall.

    The Nazis went to great lengths to ensure that the Jews being taken to the death camps had no idea what awaited them. They were told, and they believed, that they were going to ‘work’ in other parts of Germany. When they arrived at Auschwitz, for instance, there was happy, holiday-type music playing, to lull the Jews into a false sense of security.

    And by the time the Jews were being pushed into the gas chambers, it was too late. They were outnumbered – remember, one of the first things the Nazis did was remove the right of any Jew in Germany to own a weapon of any type.

    You can also be assured that many Jews, myself included, are now painfully aware of the writing on the wall today. We know that anti semitism is more intense than at any time since the Holocaust. If you read any Jewish newspaper in the UK, for example, you will see that we are all too aware.

    The best thing that anyone who is worried about this can do, is SPEAK UP FOR ISRAEL.

    This is vital.

  2. Thank you for your excellent comment. Let me go further in attacking my own post.
    The fault for the holocaust of course lies with one group only. The Nazis. As the person who leaves their car unlocked is not responsible for the theft of it, exactly as the woman with the low cut top is not responsible for her own rape. I accept this fully.

    I simply wished to point out that at some level, its important to take responsibility for your own security through awareness. While it is not the fault of the car owner he should nevertheless, lock his car. The police have other things to worry about. Like Muslim outreach programs and learning hadith. The Jews of Europe were indeed lulled into false security but history should have warned them nonetheless and the proof is, MANY Jews indeed did flee Nazi occupied lands and save themselves. Most did not. I simply hope this time Jews do not prove that axiom I silently quote to myself quite often:
    If History teaches us anything, it’s that people do not study history”

  3. Many thanks for your comments.

    And I smiled – and winced – at your justified crack at the police, who as you note, are far too busy learning to ‘understand’ Muslims and dressing up in burkhas to actually help those in need of support…

    I’ll balance out my comment by agreeing with you that American Jews, in particular, all need to get real about Obama – and fast.

    I’m aware that many Jewish groups in America are now extremely uneasy about the blatant hypocrisy he displays towards Israel, but all Jews and indeed all non Jews, need to understand that Obama has Muslim sensibilities.

    You probably saw this piece, but in case, not, there was a truly excellent article penned by Bishop E W Jackson Sr, an American, and he really says it like it is, here’s a link in case you didn’t see his piece:

    – his piece is about a third of the page down in the overall article

    I’m also horrified by what’s happening to Christians right now in Islamic nations. If only our elected leaders – and I use that word in the loosest sense possible – would stop fixating on getting Muslim votes and instead face the reality of Islam.

    Right, that’s my rant for the day over with 🙂
    – cue insane cackle

  4. Wherever Islam takes hold in even the smallest numbers – that’s it; the beginning of the end game. It needs to be fought hard in every Western nation, block by block, housee by house. Muslims out. Islam outlawed. Koran banned. Mosques torn down. It must be done. If not, and Islam is allowed to grow in our democracies, we’re finished. Period. End of story.

  5. Don:
    Im glad you know that. Now you and I have to convince the 4.5 billion non Muslims on earth that is the best course of action. I’m doing my part.

  6. I agree.

    If enough citizens realise what is happening re constant concessions to Islam, and where this will lead, then governments will have to sit up and take notice.

    The problem is that while many people who are regularly online understand what’s going on, millions of people who rely on mainstream news media do not. They remain hoodwinked into believing that Islam is ‘just another religion’, and that it’s been ‘hijacked by extremists’.

    Don: I agree with your sentiments, but I don’t agree we should ban the Quran. That would play into the Islamists’ hands.

    There is a very good site which sets out specific ways to answer people’s objections to condemning Islam –

    I highly recommend this – it’s really helpful and also has some fab articles on Islam. Eeyore – hope you don’t mind my linking to another site on your blog. I’ve found Citizen Warrior incredibly helpful and hope others will too.

    Have either of you read ‘Londonistan’ by Melanie Phillips?

    If you’re in the UK, this is a must-read!

    If you’re not, but have British friends/online contacts, you might consider recommending this book. It sets out very starkly and eloquently the evidence for extremist Muslim activity in Britain.


  7. Tabatha please post any links you find here to any important information whether its news or editorials explaining something we need to know. I consider it a service. Thank you.

  8. I’m not Jewish, and I’m amazed that there are still some Jews who are anti-Israel.

    The Hamas Charter calls for the extermination of all Jews.

    It quotes a Hadith (or written tradition recording the sayings of the prophet Muhammad, the second holiest source of Moslem teaching after the Koran) as follows:

    The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: “The End Time will not come until Moslems will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: ‘O Moslem! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!'” (Article Seven) …

    Another good site:

  9. I have a theory or two about why some Jewish people are anti Israel. The first, is the illusion of intellectual superiority one gets from taking a public position that appears to be against the interests of one’s identity politics. It is the reason blues artists like Otis Taylor, who ran away from his black family when very young, and raised by a Toronto Jewish family in every Jewish tradition yet makes a fine living writing anti white songs and songs of discrimination as if he was an American Black right off the plantation and why white people buy his CD’s by the thousands. It is why people like Noam Chomski who have enough raw gray matter to know the truth of the situation (He did after all defend the right of the East Timorese and therefore must have known it was a Muslim ethnic cleansing of Christians from ‘Dar Al Islam’ in Indonesia) but not enough courage to come out and identify the real problem. So theory 1, appearance of moral and intellectual objectivity by taking a position that has the illusion of being against how others may perceive your identity politics. Theory #2 is that universities, now leftist brainwashing tanks where many of the prof’s have no actual academic credentials at all but instead, have far left political leanings and give credit for taking a particular side on issues and parties and remove credit for not doing so. If you are a Jewish student, maybe one in three or four hundred or more on campus, and have far left prof’s who make their politics part of the curriculum while centrist or conservative (meaning classical liberalism) prof’s keep their politics to themselves (as in fact they should like all prof’s should) then you have brainwashing. Add to that the vast numbers of leftist’s ‘Hayekian Strongmen’ on Campus acting as if they are a poor, oppressed minority with very sensitive feelings while simultaneously 1.6 billion people in control of most of the worlds most strategic resources and some Jews are going to want urgently to be part of the herd again. We are after all, a herd animal. It is very difficult when you are that age to discover that you are hated by the staff and the student body but you can redeem yourself for being Jewish merely by being a useful idiot for Islam. Some people are going to do it. I understand and in a way do not blame them complelty. But in the words of one Toronto Rabbii, “Whatever you do, do not send your children to university”. I think it was that quote that frightened me the most last year. The day a Jewish community leader warns Jews not to send kids to school, something major has changed. It was only about 60 years ago that Canadian universities lifted their upper end quotas on how many Jews may attend.
    I offer the following videos in support of some of my outrageous claims here: on Islam and leftism on camus, USA and Canada. on how the leftist agenda became the common narative for nearly all of us in the west. David Horowitz specifically outing professors at Duke U who have absolutely zero academic credentials yet determine the academic future of students by their politics.
    Thank you for your post. I hope this was not too long or tedious an answer for a simple question.

  10. Great points EEYORE.

    I agree with what you say. I also think we can add into the mix the fact that Muslim and Arab students are *far* more politicised than Jewish students tend to be.

    I remember when I was 16, and was at college studying for A Levels; there were two Muslim girls in one of my classes, from one of the Arab states. They sought me out and at first it seemed as though they were just being friendly.

    Then they started talking about ‘palestine’ and before I knew it, they were telling me the most horrendous things. Now, at that time, I’d never been to Israel and hadn’t heard much at home about the conflict re the Palestinian Arabs and their ongoing terrorism. So I was very, very troubled. My parents sat me down and gave me a history lesson, which enabled me to counter the MISinformation the two Muslim girls were coming out with at college.

    I now believe that ideally, all Jewish parents should educate their children about Israel at around the age of 14,15 – well before University age.

    I’m not saying that all Jewish children have to fall in love with Israel and be unconditional supporters BUT they should all have the accurate history and *facts*.

    At British Universities now, the Muslim students are incredibly organised and are constantly bashing Israel. So when you add in EEYORE’s excellent point about the left wing professors, then you start to get a picture of why some Jewish kids at a very impressionable age get INaccurate info re Israel.


    re HAMAS:

    The mainstream media works very hard to portray Hamas as a group of young, doe-eyed freedom fighters.

    And Obama has made it far more easy for Hamas to rebrand themselves, now that his administration have insanely declared that America is ‘not fighting a war on terrorism, just with Al Queda’.

    Now all Hamas has to do – and indeed it’s already done it! – is to condemn Al Queda, and pay lip service to battling Muslim extremism, and the world media is merrily characterising Hamas as ‘moderates’.

    It’s happening already and it’s frustrating in the extreme. You are totally right in pointing out the Hamas Charter. There are also several clips on youtube which show Hamas in its true colours.

    Those of us that know the true nature of Hamas, need to keep reminding others that the group’s aim is – as the Charter states – to ‘kill all jews’.

    It’s also worth noting that Hamas was spawned from the Muslim Brotherhood – as was Al Queda.

    Hamas is exactly the same as Al Queda and all other Islamic terrorist groups. They all have as their aim the ‘return’ of all lands to Muslim hands – Islam says that ANY land that was EVER Muslim, even if for five minutes, must again be under Muslim control.

    When Hamas terrorises Israelis, it’s for the same reasons that Al Queda terrorises Americans.

    Again I recommend

    – many great articles re Islam

  12. One final thought:

    There’s a great article by Raymond Ibrahim, in which he shows clearly how Islam differs from Judaism and Christianity. It’s especially useful for countering those twits who still try and argue that ‘all faiths are equally violent’ as a defence of Muslim terrorism.

    I reposted this article, it’s worth reading:

    And here’s a link to Raymond Ibrahim’s site, where you’ll find several superb articles:

    If any of you haven’t come across the Sultan Knish blog, then I recommend that highly also, there are some truly superb pieces on Israel, the Middle East, and Islam:

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