What Islam Says about Music

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When non-Muslims, particularly Westerners, hear the news of Islamists burning/vandalizing music stores in Pakistan, they get struck with disbelief. How could this be possibly true a religion prohibit music? Here’s what Islam truly says about music…

Islam bans, prohibits, music
Star singer Cat Steven (Yusuf Islam) gave up music
after converting to Islam, but later realized it’s hard
being pure Muslim and returned to singing.

Is music forbidden in Islam? This article will consider this question.

It is often said that music is prohibited in Islam. Upon hearing this statement most people doubt that such an absurd claim could possibly be true.

If the religion of Islam actually does forbid music, even the majority of devout Muslims would probably find this to be very strange and a cause for concern. Why in the world would a religion prohibit Music? Do any other minor or major religions prohibit music? What did Muhammad have to say about this matter? This article will also consider the many benefits of music.

Let’s examine what the Islamic texts and traditions have to say about this subject. The first two hadiths that we will consider have been selected from Sahih Bukhari, what, Muslims believe, to be canonical text of Islam. Muslims believe them to be authentic utterances of the Islamic prophet and should therefore be obeyed.

Hadith: Sahih Bukhari: Volume 7, Book 69, Number 494v:

Narrated Abu ‘Amir or Abu Malik Al-Ash’ari:
that he heard the Prophet saying, “From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, as lawful. And there will be some people who will stay near the side of a mountain and in the evening their shepherd will come to them with their sheep and ask them for something, but they will say to him, ‘Return to us tomorrow.’ Allah will destroy them during the night and will let the mountain fall on them, and He will transform the rest of them into monkeys and pigs and they will remain so till the Day of Resurrection.”

Hadith: Sunan Abu-Dawud: Book 41, Number 4909:

Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas’ud:

Salam ibn Miskin, quoting an old man who witnessed AbuWa’il in a wedding feast, said: They began to play, amuse and sing. He united the support of his hand round his knees that were drawn up, and said: I heard Abdullah (ibn Mas’ud) say: I heard the apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) say: Singing produces hypocrisy in the heart.

Hadith Qudsi 19:5:

“The Prophet said that Allah commanded him to destroy all the musical instruments, idols, crosses and all the trappings of ignorance.”

Muhammad also said:

  1. “Allah Mighty and Majestic sent me as a guidance and mercy to believers and commanded me to do away with musical instruments, flutes, strings, crucifixes, and the affair of the pre-Islamic period of ignorance.”
  2. “On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will pour molten lead into the ears of whoever sits listening to a songstress.”
  3. Song makes hypocrisy grow in the heart as water does herbage.”
  4. “This community will experience the swallowing up of some people by the earth, metamorphosis of some into animals, and being rained upon with stones.” Someone asked, “When will this be, O Messenger of Allah?” and he said, “When songstresses and musical instruments appear and wine is held to be lawful.”
  5. “There will be peoples of my Community who will hold fornication, silk, wine, and musical instruments to be lawful ….” — ‘Umdat al-Salik r40.0

What puritanical nonsense! If a person were to dig deep enough into the dung heap of Muhammad’s wacky utterances and bizarre behaviour nearly everything could be banned! (except of course warfare, and the all those nauseating and useless Islamic rituals that are part and parcel of the cult of Mohammedanism). The above passages are indeed bizarre and quite an insight into the strange world of Islam. Keep folks in the dark, and keep them afraid, frustrated and obedient, that was the tune that Muhammad sang. The more ignorant and primitive the Muslim, the better Muhammad could readily use them for his own ends — as foot soldiers to acquire “booty of all types.” Not only was Muhammad a mass murdering brazen thief and a slave trading pedophile, he was also some kind of strange puritanical nut-case opposed even to music! Why all the abnormal behaviour?! How sick was this guy?!

Muhammad preferred not to be asked difficult questions and often ended such inquiries abruptly. From the above hadiths and Islamic traditions we can see that Muhammad’s priority was to keep his followers focused solely on the details of his religion and then use them to kill and die for it when the time called for more booty. One of the reasons that Muslims are so obsessed with Islam and busy trying to promulgate it is because Muhammad has denied or restricted their ability to enjoy so many of the healthy and common activities of life — such as music. This is plainly obvious when one studies the reality of how Islam plays out in the real world. When Muhammad was forced to address some of the challenging questions posed to him by his followers, his answers, or verdicts, were often patently ridiculous. Even folks who call themselves Muslims must get a real chuckle out of the some of the absurdity contained within Muhammad’s Islam.

Tragically, the condemnation of music in Muhammad’s Islam has many profoundly negative consequences. Muhammad was truly disturbed and his prohibition of music is just more proof of this. Pastimes such as music and many other social customs that are known to be good for human health are not to be partaken of or enjoyed by Muslims. Many ex-Muslims, such as myself, leave Islam upon learning the truth about this man Muhammad and his incredulous religion. We see Muhammad not as an honest man telling the truth but a deranged warlord and criminal gang leader. The fact that he claimed to be the messenger of God, delivering the one and only perfect religion is just that, a claim. One only needs to look at how Muhammad lived his life and the error-ridden and inhumane documents that he left behind to understand that he was merely a very sick liar and a fraud. Any honest person can plainly see that the founder of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, was through and through crooked and crazy. A mad criminal who attempted to fool his followers with threats and promises.

In truth, to express one’s self openly and honestly is fundamental to the human experience. For centuries music has been a healthy outlet for such expression. In fact music has played a very beneficial role in human development and the civilizing of mankind. With every passing year scientists are discovering more evidence that music enhances intelligence and that it has many positive effects on human health. It is a fact that humanity in general has derived many benefits from music throughout the ages. Throughout history music has been a rich and profound cultural element to nearly all of man’s diverse cultures and billions of individuals can attest to the fact that great enjoyment and rewards can found in both the creating and listening to music. In reality, due to Muhammad’s illness(es), basically he really only cared about himself and fulfilling his selfish desires, so all of this was lost on the pathetic little fool. As we can plainly see, if one is to submit to Muhammad’s Islam they must also submit their common sense and much of their basic self-honesty.

In conclusion, Muhammad’s ludicrous attitude towards music is very revealing. More obvious nonsense contained within his erroneous theology. No doubt some Muslims and Islamic apologists would be quick to point out that other passages from the Islamic texts and traditions make music Halal. Due to the fact that Islam is full of contradictions and inaccuracies this is no surprise. This proves that Muhammad was not the perfect man and that his Islam is over-flowing with utter nonsense and lies. From the above texts we see that music is actually Haram in Islam. Nonsense such as this should awaken any Muslim of sound mind to the fact that Islam in totality is a ridiculous and harmful fraud, and that its creator was simply a clever con man and a very, very sick liar. Islam’s aversion to taboos regarding music are just more proof of this.

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  1. Ain’t that one more reason why mahoundians love Hitler, but not Mozart?

    But I still think that, regardless of mahoundianism stance on music and given how things are going in present-day Swedenistan, PC and MC might one day get that country’s (mis)government to force ABBA to re-record “Dancing Queen” as either “Dancing Mujahideen” or “Dancing Fedayeen”, mark my words. Why would they want to do it? Another culturally-suicidal measure aimed at appeasing their titanic-loads of bogus asylum-seekers from Somalia and Iraq…

  2. I can see you are having a party with this, but as a matter of fact, there is no verse in the Quran that forbids music. You are quoting hadiths (of which there are thousands). Hadiths are collections of anecdotes about the life of the Prophet (PBUH) and vary according to reliability as many of them are second hand, third hand etc. These are called “weak hadiths” but have been gleefully exploited by extremists of all ranks – including “Islamic”. Music has been used throughout the world to spread the word of Islam and to celebrate the joy of Islam – rather difficult if it was forbidden! The rule of thumb is that if you declare something to be forbidden which is actually permitted, you must accept the same responsibility as if you said something was permitted that is forbidden. However, many people also equate the norms of their culture with “Islam” (because this is what they have always been taught) and reject the fact that some of their “Islamic” customs are unheard of in other Islamic countries – and by the vast majority of Muslims. (By the way – the middle east and it’s various norms which are often cited as being representative of the Islamic world, actually represents about 20% of this world – but it is capitalized upon by all interested parties.)

  3. Islam is the religion of piece.your thoughts and comments are so so ashamed you nothing know about ISLAM because you are gumra and for God sake avoid these type of comments.

    • Eeyore man dunn even try to talk anything false about our prophet(PBUH) he was the greatest man ever walked on the face of this earth…If you cannot see the evil inside you after listening to music than you are blind.

      • The problem is not speaking falsely about Mohammad abdullah. Its speaking truthfully about the child raping mass murdering psychopath you have a problem with.

    • Because he was none of that. Please buddy, read about Islam from a clearer perspective and not the one tainted with the false belief of people you learn from. You say this because you clearly haven’t used your own mind into thinking about Islam. I request you, do not let society taint you, get knowledge on your own and from people who know.

  4. this artical only represents your ignorance and biasedness toward the Islam.you better had gathered some knowledge about the matters inwhich you porked your nose. keep a religion aside even humanitydoes allow you to write in such away about a man(PEACE BE UPON HIM) of whom charecter even his foes never dared to call in question. this article only exposes our “jahalat”.

  5. Fascinating. You contradict yourself in one paragraph. I am a “foe” of the pirate and pedophile Mohamed, fake prophet for profit of Islam and I dare to speak that way about him. So you are already wrong. I have plenty of knowledge about his religion as well such as it is. Why not debate the issues instead of insulting. How about explaining how I am wrong about Islam and Music. I cite koran and hadiths. Can you show where Mohamed allowed music art and so on?

  6. In the end you just saw the truth and turned your face. Verily who can be more unjust to Allah. If I may clarify your context in the following words ….. You were too attracted to music and such activities. When Allah gave order to restrain if your so called reference is correct …. Hypocricy rised within you and you left the religion. You merely wish to enjoy some benefits of the current life and the endless hereafter you are ready to give up. If you try to insult my Prohpet (PBUH) whom was while being the head of the Muslims state extremely poor, extremely restrainful and all so kind for the Sake of Allah you are but a doomed fool. If Allah the Almighty had wanted your finger would have been destroyed while you were writing this but the all Merciful is still giving you mercy. You have two options. Insult me and my Prophet and be completely destroyed, or come to the part of the truth, restrain for your remaining years and Excel, only Allah can give or take. The Prophet could not read or write yet the Quran, the book of Allah is far above any human work.

  7. @ Ammar:


    I have read better comic books than the Koran. And much more meaningful and inspired ones I might add. As to music, only someone operating on Hell’s instructions directly could condemn all beauty from the senses of man. Islam detests beauty because it distracts, as you say, from the mission of adolescent men fighting and sacrificing their lives for one purpose and one purpose only.

    To get the 7th century’s version of L. Ron Hubard, Mohamed the rapist, more money, more power, and more pussy.

    And if you are stupid enough to be one of those adolescent men’s willing replacement, then please kill yourself quickly so you can get to ‘Allah’s Beer and Brothel in the sky’ and make sure you don’t hurt anyone else while you do.

  8. Ammar says:
    “The Prophet could not read or write yet the Quran, the book of Allah is far above any human work.”

    It is simply amazing what 1400 years of inbreeding can do.

  9. u say he was a criminal, yet we all know the prophet muhammad (SAW) lived in a very poor life style, the prophet up to his death was poor, so if what u are saying is true, tell me whose money he stole secondly, u said the prophet (SAW)was a rapist, if what u say is also true tell me on which occasion was he ever accused of raping anyone or can u recall any situation where he raped anyone? Islam is strongly against rape of any sort. Thirdly, u said he was a slave trader,yet history clearly shows the prophet only bought slaves, so that he could set them free, fourthly before u start making false accusations pls make sure u have full knowledge of something, from what u’v been saying about the prophet, it is very clear u don’t even know or comprehend even a quarter of the religion, so i hope u see some sense and see ur errors. islam is a wonderful religion, and i am proud and happy to be a part of it.

  10. Yes. Robbing caravans, stealing materials from people and killing them, that is criminal. Mohamed ordered that be done by his moronic and thuggish followers constantly. Just as he ordered them to attack the people of Mecca and then Yathrib and then broke his own treaty of peace with the Meccans two years after he signed it. He was a rapist because when he ‘married’ a woman right after slaughtering her husband and children right in front of her, the Jewish woman in Yathrib, well there is a very good chance she was not consenting to spread her knees for the man who had just killed her whole family wouldn’t you say?

    In fact, historically speaking I am not aware of a more awful man than Mohamed.

  11. alamin, Eeyore is referring to Safiyah. This is the report by Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari:

    “Safiyah was born in Medinah. She belonged to the Jewish tribe of Banu ‘I-Nadir. When this tribe was expelled from Medinah in the year 4 A.H, Huyaiy was one of those who settled in the fertile colony of Khaibar together with Kinana ibn al-Rabi’ to whom Safiyah was married a little before the Muslims attacked Khaibar. She was then seventeen. She had formerly been the wife of Sallam ibn Mishkam, who divorced her. One mile from Khaibar. Here the Prophet married Safiyah. She was groomed and made-up for the Prophet by Umm Sulaim, the mother of Anas ibn Malik. They spent the night there. Abu Ayyub al-Ansari guarded the tent of the Prophet the whole night. When, in the early dawn, the Prophet saw Abu Ayyub strolling up and down, he asked him what he meant by this sentry-go; he replied: “I was afraid for you with this young lady. You had killed her father, her husband and many of her relatives, and till recently she was an unbeliever. I was really afraid for you on her account”. The Prophet prayed for Abu Ayyub al-Ansari (Ibn Hisham, p. 766) Safiyah had requested the Prophet to wait till he had gone a stage away from Khaibar. “Why?” asked the Prophet. “I was afraid for you on account of the Jews who still happened to be near at Khaibar!”

    Note: Muhammad was 57 and Safyah was 17 year old when the enslavement of her village took place.

    What I find ironic she is called the “mother of believers.”

    • Lololol reading this I can tell a big part is missing. I request, get the full story from a believable source. Get the past information. And then even you wouldn’t want to present something as vile as this wrongly described passage. Know the truth for heaven’s sake.

  12. Do you honestly believe that the Quran was altered or changed?

    Yet when the world’s leading scientists discover a new breakthrough, a new scientific achievement such as the expanding of the universe, the human embryonic stages, the uniqueness of the human finger, the barriers of the sea, the mountains, clouds, etc.

    Somehow those inventions or discoveries where miraclously mentioned in the Quran, which by the way, a “madman” wrote 1400 yrs ago!

    Do you see how insane you said Eeyore? GIVE ME FACTS AS ARGUEMENTS!

    I want facts, not some arrogance that you developed as you watched the actions of dumb fools proclaiming the wrong message.

    You know what distenguishes their message with the true message of ISLAM?

    Its the Quran! The Quran never said to stone adulterators to death, the quran never mentioned 72 virgins, the quran never mentioned the prohibiting of music!!!

    ISLAM only prohibits the listening of INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, do you know what that means,

    Music that involves the use of instruments.

    I was just like you Eeyore, overwhelmed by false accusations and wrong messages people said about islam, but I decided to study more about Islam. I found out Hadiths have some alterations, passages that are adulterated, thats b/c it was interpreted wrong or people saw a chance to have it their way. I could not ignore those FACTS that the Quran brought though. I COULD NOT. As a seeker of facts and evidence, I found Islam to be in complete harmony with science.

    You know what Islam teaches about the covering of women?

    The Quran says regarding women to cover up themselves with clothes that does not reveal in definition their body parts; not to strike their feets, and to cover their CHESTS, but reveal what is “necessary” of their body part.

    Now you, Mr.Eeyore, tell me what is NECESSARY for a woman to reveal and what she shouldn’t reveal for a better example to society?

    Should she reveal her legs, her breasts? Or is it better to cover them?

    Should she reveal her head?

    Its all about EACH and EVERY individual person that Almighty God is testing.
    You think Allah will give you each and every single answer that you can think of?

    Islam is here as a miracle and mercy to humanity; this is the Creator of the WHOLE universe we are talking about! He doesn’t need you, WE NEED HIM! Everthing revolves around the Creator! Everything Obeys HIM except those of His Creation he gave choice to.
    He is what the Universe draws its energy from, it’s energy to keep functioning and working. He is our Sustainer!

    He wants you to THINK and he certainly gives clues, hint:

    “What is necessary”

    BUT, he also provides FACTS that are in complete harmony with science.

    Go to http://www.irfi.org or Islamic Research Foundation International, go to Articles section and read what Islam says regarding issues or subjects influencing the world today.

    I could sit here and write about Evolution, and much more Islam mentions, but I only want you to heed reading news that is very vague and misinformative. It clearly is in contrast with the teachings of Islam.

    You are only listening or watching people that you think represent the message of Islam, b/c they are muslims; but no on the contrary, its their own fabrication, yet they can never fabricate something in the Quran.

    B/c If they did, then these verses in the Quran regarding all the current discoveries are came out of no where?!?!?
    IT’s not short of a miracle and mercy from the Creator of the Earth and Universe. The Message of Islam is to strive, put in effort, to work hard in life and succeed. It’s to make your life simple, not hard; to make you happy, not sad. Those that you see as an example of Islam is in fact misrepresenting Islam.

    Basically, if you are a procrastinator, a sore-loser with a fat belly sitting on a couch, blaming this beautiful religion, or a successful person who is very arrogant and ego, then you will never understand it. However, if you are a person open-minded and want to explore of curiousity, please do. Do not listen to people or the media. Go directly to the Quran and apply it to real world situations. See if it fits best for a society.

  13. Soel:

    1. Older and different copies of Koran have been found and are in existence now. Granted drooling Muslim thugs will destroy them sooner or later but it wont change the fact that the koran does change, only destroy the evidence.

    2. The koran contains no science or predictions. And a blood clot is not an embryo. And Mohamed claimed to go to the moon and Americans really did. That must gall you.

    3. Even if you are right and koran only ‘forbids’ instrumental music who the fuck are you or Mohamed or anyone to tell me that I cannot listen to, play or perform it? Its an obscenity. Islam also makes it clear however that women singing is more forbidden than instrumental music. The point stands however. There are no ‘facts’ as you want them to support this prohibition. Islam is totalitarian. It must be destroyed. Even the Nazis had more lax rules for music. Islam makes Hitler look ‘cool.’

    4. The rest of your post is too incoherent to read. You cannot possibly know anything about science to say that Islam has any whatsoever. If it did, it would not have been secularists and Catholic monks who made all the great discoveries in History, other than what the pre-Islamic chinese and Romans and Greeks did of course. It would have been the Saudis as Saudi Arabia has been Islamic from Mohamed’s day till now. Yet it is a filthy backwater shit-hole with no water. It has nothing it did not buy with Western money from Western desire for oil of Western technology and goods. The best Islam can claim is pointy shoes and pretend flying carpets. Next time I suggest you try hijacking a few of those and fly them into buildings. At least you can claim it was a genuine Islamic thing. If of course, you can get one to fly.

    As for whats best for a society, Islamic societies without exception are the worst ones to live in on earth with how awful they are corresponding perfectly to the degree to which they are Islamic.

  14. “expanding of the universe, the human embryonic stages, the uniqueness of the human finger, the barriers of the sea, the mountains, clouds, etc.”

    This is all recently made up beliefs taken out of context from the Qur’an.

    This is what the Qur’an actually said about the Earth:

    “And the earth We have spread out (like a carpet); set thereon mountains firm and immovable; and produced therein all kinds of things in due balance. ” Qur’an 15:19

    “One Day We shall remove the mountains, and thou wilt see the earth as a level stretch, and We shall gather them, all together, nor shall We leave out any one of them” Qur’an 18:47

    This verse is absolute proof the Earth is flat according to the qur’an:

    “We have seen the turning of thy face to heaven (for guidance, O Muhammad). And now verily We shall make thee turn (in prayer) toward a qiblah which is dear to thee. So turn thy face toward the Inviolable Place of Worship, and ye (O Muslims), wheresoever ye may be, turn your faces (when ye pray) toward it. Lo! Those who have received the Scripture know that (this revelation) is the Truth from their Lord. And Allah is not unaware of what they do.” Qur’an 2:144

    When you pray point your face to the Qiblah. It doesn’t say to point your face in a direction of the qiblah it clearly says to point your face toward the qiblah. The only way to do that on a round earth is to angle your body toward the Qiblah. On a flat earth it is easy just point yourself.

    This is just one example that modern day Muslims are misinterpreting he Qur’an. There are still about +10% of the Muslims that understand and believe the flat earth statements of the Qur’an.

    • “Quran says the earth is flat” ._. How dumb of you. It clearly says “One day” which is the day of judgement. Allahu Akbar. You misinterpret what you copy and paste yourself. And you surely have no conformations of these verses either. Stop tainting the religion please.

  15. Banning music has deeper meaning to society, just like do alcohol and sex before marriage etc.

    Essentially we can see what happens with music today to young people. It is promoting immorality, adultery, nudity, reckless health behavior, even unrealistic love views can be harmful because of suicides etc. Just look at Rihanna, Lady Gaga and many others.

    This is why Islam bans music.

    However, I am a devout Muslim, but still I don’t think that music is banned entirely. It is not banned in the Qur’an, and there are hadith that state that Muhammed pbuh allowed people to enjoy music in certain occasions.

    What I believe is true is that you have to balance yourself with music. Good music promoting good things and listening to it occasionally or playing it in company of your friends is good. However if you allow it to in any way negatively affect you, you have done wrong.

    This is why Jousuf Islam continues to do music in a good way, to prove this.

    Islam is all about reason and science, not about blind following of written word. You have to try to understand it!

    Regarding the “flat earth” argument above my comment.

    Qur’an says we have spread out earth like a carpet… this does not mean to say that earth is flat.

    If you have flown with an airplane and watched out the window, you know what this one means. Earth is spread out exactly like a carpet.

    • Yes, I agree, music is not totally banned in Islam. On many occassions the Prophet saw did allow music, singinging and happiness. See Music in Islam by Qaradawi and the former Grand Shaykh of Al Azhar – Jadul Haq Ali Jadul Haq. When music leads us to promiscuity, then it is totally haraam. Anyone showing blatant disrespect to the greatest benefactor of mankind Muhammad (saw) is surely going to land hot boiling water.

  16. said, “If you have flown with an airplane and watched out the window, you know what this one means. Earth is spread out exactly like a carpet.”

    No, it doesn’t spread out at all like carpet it looks more like spreading out over a large ball.
    You can visually see the curve of the earth when flying and you don’t even need to be that high.

    Here is a passenger that took a picture at around 30,000 feet out a window


    How about the Qur’an saying when you pray point your face to the Qiblah. It doesn’t say to point your face in a direction of the qiblah it clearly says to point your face toward the qiblah.
    This passage there should be no doubt Mahammad thought the earth was flat and you do it every day.

    About the music.

    The Qur’an says you can play music if it is related to the word of Ahlah. But even then it is highly judgmental and if you make a mistake you could be executed as it is often done in Gaza.

    said, “promoting good things and listening to it occasionally or playing it in company of your friends is good.”

    Obviously a wedding reception doesn’t qualify as good things or occasionally.

    There is video of a group at a wedding reception being executed by the religious police for playing music in Gaza. I am sure they would have loved to execute the photographer for showing what they did.

    • Well. In the image you posted, again I see a carpet, very thin carpet spread out and yes on a round giant ball.

      Point your face towards Qaba, does not have to be written as “point your face in direction of Qaba” for the order to work and as that does not at all prove that Qur’an stated how earth is flat.

      If you would point your face towards Qaba and go walk directly towards it, over the mountains and seas… you would eventually get to Qaba.

      Anyways, it doesn’t really matter.

      It is important to understand that those “radical” Muslims, killing over music, prosecuting people, harassing them, are a minority among many of normal, good, peaceful people, who are very helping and very kind to everyone.

      Islam teaches this. When Muhammed pbuh returned to Meka, from where he had to leave because of prosecution, harassing and violence, he didn’t punish or kill anyone!

      They say, during his time, when some people tended to reject his message and hate him, he would only feel sad for them, more and more.

      . . .

      God is not a person, God is everything, everywhere encompassing all he has created.

      I didn’t choose my body, name and place of birth, I didn’t even choose my intelligence level.

      What holy thing is there for me, if there is no “Creator”, why would I abide to some rules of others like me? If it were not for God, every man would try to conquer everyone around him.

      . . .

      As a kid I always thought that “the world” is endless and that someday I will just get into a car or an airplane and leave far, far away where there is no one who knows me or someone I know.

      Peace man. Don’t harass anyone.

  17. TheVoiceOfReason says: “In the image you posted, again I see a carpet, very thin carpet spread out and yes on a round giant ball.”

    Which is a contradiction. To me it looks more like a metallic sky and a glossy round surface not at all like a carpet.

    you are right if you want to get to the “object” in this case qiblah you would point yourself in that direction and walk. But Mohammad was specific to point your “face” toward the qiblah.

    Said, “It is important to understand that those “radical” Muslims, killing over music, prosecuting people, harassing them, are a minority among many of normal, good, peaceful people, who are very helping and very kind to everyone.”

    Good! can you show me a Fatwa against these ‘radicals’? I seen Fatwas to against people over a cartoon but never to stop this ‘small minority’ that are killing more muslims then Kafirs.

  18. ‘The Voice of Reason’: “If it were not for God, every man would try to conquer everyone around him.” You mean like Muslims do and Mohamed did with his armies pretty much non-stop? Great question.

    • Muhammed pbuh was not a conqueror.

      As he was a prophet he had the order from God to speak about the religion of Islam and about Muslims. To tell people what Islam is.

      Islam is the religion of all who came before, Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus etc. It is meant as a correction to all people who have strayed from the right path. Christianity in time of Jesus was actually Islam, meaning Islam and Christianity are a same religion.

      Only when Muhammed pbuh was prosecuted in other countries and regions for proclaiming and informing people about Islam, those people were prosecuted, oppressed and attacked. Only then would Muslims go into war, to defend Islam and Muslims.

      There was no single case where Muslims invaded a country which allowed the freedom of speech and proclamation of religion.

    • @Ya 3ayne .. Not sure which post you are referring to. Are you denying that music is haram?

      yucki: I take a lot of notes keep them in note pad under different sections the organize those sections under a find command.
      I have been learning a lot about Islam. The more I learn the worse it gets.

      What i find most interesting I have been learning recently. Most Muslims doesn’t understand their own belief, often they think they do but most doesn’t have a clue. The reason they are so good at what isn’t true is because they are NOT lying they are just parroting what they are being told.

      That is our best weapon against Islam is knowledge. I believe if they knew Islam for what it really is most would leave the vial belief.

  19. Eeyore – Jul 5, ’12 Comic books are too utterly cool to use in same sentence as “Quran”.

    Ox -Dec.28, 2012 It’s like a soap opera, how can you remember all that junk?

    Banning music?
    Let’s see, I’d ban elevator music for sure. It hangs out in my mind for hours. Heavy metal can damage the hearing of a child. Rapp-?- I can’t ever understand what they’re saying, and the rhythm gets boring. But that’s just me. Some people hate bagpipes, while others are inspired hearing them.

    Eeyore -Jan 16, ’13 “it is a filthy backwater shit-hole with no water” – which is why Moh tells every clown to drink camel urine. Duh—

    Ox -Jan.19 Interesting about the flat earth thing. I think you nailed it here.

    Eeyore, July 16,’13 Methinks TheVoice is taking Allahlala’s name in vain, or Moh’s imaginary friend, or whoever…

    Ya 3ayne, Arp 5, ’14 Excuse me, I don’t understand what you’re saying. Did I click your name to get here? Well, hi. I’m Yucki.

    • “Music therapy is halal”

      Not exactly. Only if you use sounds such as waves, wind, water or any kind of natural sounds.

  20. Ox,
    You’re right on the money: they don’t have a clue.Classical Arabic differs so greatly from contemporary Arabic your ordinary Arab doesn’t know what he’s reading. None of the frenzied Pakis have a clue. Iranians? Malays? Indonesians?

    They’re primitive tribesmen spinning yarns before the campfire, as feral as the hyenas just beyond their little circle. They’re safe only in packs, the tighter the better, always jostling for proximity to the leader of the pack..

    I’ve read the Quran numerous times and enough hadiths to choke a toilet. It’s complete rubbish.

    [I need a better search function to make sense of my notes.]

    • said, “I need a better search function to make sense of my notes”

      It does get to be a mess doesn’t it?
      I got a huge list of bookmarks then I got note pads files organized into different issues then i search within those to find what i am looking for. I had to learn many different Arabic words in order to understand it. Hard part is remembering key words and phrases.

      I am debating a Islamic scholar from a Major University in Saudi Arabia and I am teaching him a number of things he never heard of. Also, i notice they teach them bad information as well. such as telling them that the first Caliphates didn’t force people to convert to Islam he claims that came later.

      They are also ‘learning’ that the European colonialism created the governments that exist today which can never be true Islam which is basically Bin Laden primary point.

  21. Salam my muslim Brothers and sisters. please is enough, you’ve said it all. but the writter has made up his made n not willing to listen. Remember whoever Allah guides no 1 can missguide n whoever Allah misguide no body can guide.

  22. It is cute reading what muslims use instead of reason. I think the technical term for it is ‘sophistry’. But the fact remains. Islam forbids music for enjoyment. Fatwa after fatwa states this. If you listen to music for the enjoyment of it, then its forbidden. If you have male voices chanting to encourage people to jihad, then its encouraged.

    Really islam is simple if you think of it as a sort of pirate’s code which punishes everything that makes pirates look bad or works against the goals of pirate supremacy, and allows and encourages and even mandates things if it works towards those goals.

    The sharia on lying is an excellent example. Reliance of the traveler states something like,

    lying is forbidden to you unless you are doing something to protect a muslim or islam, then it is allowed and it is mandatory where the goal (of establishing the win for Islam or a muslim) is mandatory. So its really quite simple if you look at the premise I stated above as the axiom for which all sharia law is generated. In fact you can predict the answer to pretty much any question if you use that premise.

    Except of course on the really stupid stuff like what foot you enter a bathroom with or what finger you should squeeze hardest with when whacking off.

    As for the threats of boiling water or whatnot, i would like to remind all muslim readers that threatening people with what comes in your imaginary afterlife is fair game. Pretending is pretending after all and all children and muslims do it all day.

    But actually harming people or working against them in this life, that’s a crime and has nothing to do with religion whatever justification you may make.

    • When looking at Islam, one should not be looking at the rules that people afterwards brought up, but rather at the Islam of first Muslims and those who abide it.

      Those putting fear on others with the afterlife are a very low level of believers.

      I am a Muslim, a devout one, I pray 5 times a day, I fast Ramadan, I try to be kind to all people and have friends of all races and religions. I try to help my society as much as I can with all sorts of contributions. Now, that is a way of a Muslim.

      Music is forbidden when it leads to adultery, alcohol and all sorts of other bad influences. Otherwise than that, it is not. But that is not even an important part…

      Islam is not a simple pirate code and has nothing to do about war or violence! That is an all known fact. However, unfortunately many people started using Islam for war propaganda purposes, especially in the Middle East and Arabian countries in general.

      Moreover, when any devout and educated Muslim looks at what have Muslims become, they realize that the society as a whole in the Muslim community has gone far away from the principles it should hold. Yet, it has nothing to do with is Islam, it has only to do with the fact that people are becoming worse and worse Muslims.

      Is this because of all the TV propaganda promoting immorality, internet and other money spent for all the wrong purposes. Anyone wanting to chat on this topic can write me on: nasafirmamail@gmail.com or add me on skype mirza.omerasevic

      • Mirza,
        It is an observable fact the worse you are at being a Muslim, the better at being human you become. And the better at copying Muhammad you become, the more inhuman and brutish.

        ISIL (now IS) are not hypocrites. They are getting rid of the pagan idols and the kufar-believers from the Shia Religion, into a pure Sunni version what Muhammad projected into them, (while he could continue to collect his share of the booty).

        Islam is a Personality Cult like Stalin, Pol Pot and The Roman Catholic Faith (and thank goodness they are no longer fanatical).

        You have been zombified. Take a step back and realize in you hand is only a book with print on it. You yourself filled in the blanks. It is auto-suggestion. You never met Mohammad, you were only told Allah would crush you if you did not submit and believe, and the beatings and bullying you had from older members of your family was not good for you, even though you were told this cultural intimidation was good. All you have known is living under threat until you became one of them, and now you do it to others – (those kufar who just want to be left alone to get on with their lives at being successful).

        We know too Obama and David Cameron were pussy-whipped at home and in school informed that angry feminists hated all men, drip-dripping their victimhood, until they succumbed to a socialist ideology in return for their peace and now they can’t stop interfering into other people’s lives – (those who just want to be left alone to get on with their lives at being successful).

        Cowards in the Middle East and cowards in The West; so brave when they are out in numbers – but one-to-one they are prissy cissies.

        You can’t appease God and you can’t appease victims. Their appetites are unquenchable until you have nothing left and your kids despise you.

        Nothing has it. Let them sort their angst out for themselves. Their emotions are their problem. Get on with your life.

  23. I c wat u r capable of now.U have no good reason to prove what u r saying. So u decided to insult Muhammed (pbuh) without really knowing him bcuz of something(music) that bring nothing to the world but bad. What a world will one support a thing that will trow him,his family,his friends, his love once into sexual abuse,immoral, bad behavior, etc. So u should think wisely n try to know something u believe u know bcuz u know nothing about my beloved Muhammed(pbuh) talk less about Islam.It god to see before u talk.

    • “(music) that bring nothing to the world but bad.”

      Clearly there are different kinds of music. Some music is bad and some music does warp minds. I love beethoven as an example. Even Islam allows music if its directed at Allah.

      • As I understand it, music is forbidden. The ‘exceptions’ such as they are, is women playing the daff drum at weddings. (May as well just send them all out to parallel park at once) and purely vocal war chants to inspire people towards islamic belief and jihad. Listening to music for purposes of enjoyment is forbidden. Women singing especially so. Instruments in general. Check the posters put in UK public schools telling people music is haram and telling kids to tell their friends to avoid it. It is authentically islamic.

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